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A CRM time travel in 30 years

1989 – 2019 = 30 years in which we have experienced a lot in the CRM world: new trends, innovations, awards and new technologies that prepare us for the everyday work of tomorrow. Reason enough to review the last few years and take a closer look at how the world around CRM has changed.

Step by step: the CRM time travel from 1989 to the present day

The development of CRM software accompanies us from THE very beginning of GEDYS IntraWare and our customers. The 30 years of CRM time travel have brought us a lot of experience, which we pass on time and again to our customers and new customers with CRM consulting and services.

Timeline - CRM Time Travel - 30 years
Timeline – CRM Time Travel – 30 years

Customer Journey

The customer’s journey: What drives the customer? At which touchpoints on the customer trip can we support and support him? The future holds a lot for the CRM world. The CRM software must not only be up to it, but ideally also be a step ahead. And it’s certainly not the last step on CRM time travel.

GEDYS IntraWare Winner
Top 100: Top innovator

An award says more than a thousand words. For this reason and out of conviction, we have faced the jury and were awarded as the top innovator in 2017. It is always a nice feeling to be awarded on the CRM time travel for our CRM software.

CRM becomes social

Email alone is no longer proactive enough. Status information, comments, chats, etc. are required for clear information gathering. With extensive new and further developments, it has been possible to incorporate social channels into CRM.

Extension of the CRM
on XRM solutions

With the classic CRM, customers are the focus of all activities. With the change of time and the growing demands on the market, the desire for solutions became great, which also capture cross-company relationships with partners, suppliers, applicants, dealers, etc. Now the CRM time travel goes even further. The birth of xRM solutions.

CRM integrates

In any CRM introduction, integration into the existing IT landscape is a must. For example, the CONNECTION CRM and ERP. We have not only built up a great know-how, but also developed effective add-ons such as the BusinessMail4SAP.

CRM goes to the cloud

Another approach to using a CRM solution developed in 2012. For those who want to start quickly with a CRM and do not want to purchase additional technology or service, CRM in the cloud was just the thing. With high security standards and versatile customization capabilities, the advantages of a cloud application such as Cloud CRM are still convincing to this day.

CRM becomes mobile

CRM solutions have been used in an increasing series of companies. But until now, the work was tied to the office and the PC. In 2011, it was time to make CRM possible on mobile devices as well, as more and more users also needed mobile access to the data. This is how mobile CRM began to establish itself. Today there is a CRM app.

CRM becomes analytical

Customer and address data could be managed better and more structured. However, in order to be able to work with the data even more efficiently, various functions have been developed for statistics, reports and analyses. This made the data more meaningful and provided an informed basis for decisions and processes.

CRM improves service

Thanks to the software support, customers could be served better and easier. But in order to optimize customer support and how to deal with questions or problems, CRM moved in for service and IT. The support services could now be provided quickly and easily.

CRM conquers marketing

In addition to the classic sales value that the first CRM systems fulfilled, it was quickly recognized that the data could be used even further in the company. This data should also be made available for marketing campaigns. Whether for sending letter mail or for invitations to events – from 2006 CRM in marketing offers the right functions for these purposes as well.

Sales Control (VIS, SFA)
is born

A big step for sales and an essential part of CRM software were created in 1999 with the VIS (Sales Information System) and the SFA (Sales Force Automation). With these enhancements, statistical evaluations and automated sales processes with CRM could be mapped in sales. From lead management, tracking opportunities, and monitoring appointments and tasks.

Simple CRM system

A first rudimentary CRM system for addresses and the simple storage of correspondence has been developed. This has greatly simplified business processes. The basis for a customer management system has been created. We give full steam on the CRM time travel.

Foundation out of conviction

The company was founded in 1989 with the aim of mapping and simplifying business processes. There is more to talk about us. Ask us.

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