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Brave New Work?

How the workplace of the future is changing

The rapid developments in technology are now probably part of every everyday life. The changes they bring to the workplace are particularly significant. New requirements arise for companies, employees as well as work place and working time models. These new concepts are summarized under the term New Work.

Open Space Offices and Flexible Working Time Models

Open Space Offices means: Open offices without walls, but with comfortable armchairs, feel-good atmosphere and free desk choice. Employees who work in the field or who use the already more widespread concept of the Home Office are no longer planned. New Work means that new technologies connect employees from anywhere and allow access to shared databases.

Freedoms in working hours are also being granted more and more often. As long as the work is done, the employee can come and go whenever he wants. Employers are hoping for happier, more motivated and therefore more creative employees.

These in turn benefit from greater flexibility – family life or the next visit to craftsmen can be more easily integrated into everyday work. The key word is self-determination. That’s certainly a positive factor for New Work.

Work-Life-Balance vs. Work-Life-Blending

Work-life balance is already well known to many. The issue is that work and private life should be balanced in order to maintain the mental and physical health of workers. The very different approach of work-life blending, on the other hand, describes the blurring of the boundaries between work and leisure time. Through more mobility and flexibility, the job is integrated into private life and vice versa. What is New Work for us?

Interdisciplineteam works together on a laptop
Teamwork on the laptop


If you want to compete, you have to work with the best. An increasingly commonmodel achieves just that. With interdisciplinary teams of in-house and external experts, the knowledge from different sub-areas is brought together for the success of a joint project – this New Work approach is then called Swarming.

Such groups can also come together in virtual teams, unless geographical distance allows otherwise. This allows freelance workers to be active simultaneously in several projects in different locations at the same time.

New Technologies – Curse and Blessing for the workplace of the future

Flexibility and motivation – Sounds great! In fact, work-life blending, multitasking and information floods are also associated with stress and overwork. New technologies are increasingly demanding for companies and employees. Work processes, employee qualifications and working conditions must be continuously adapted.

However, new technologies in CRM software also offer solutions here: As workflows condense, advancing developments in device and software links enable ever shorter paths, automation of routine activities and Integration of individual work steps. A certain amount of know-how is necessary for this, but it also makes it easier to cope with the growing flood of information and to keep up with rapid speeds.

This starts with the CRM app for the smartphone with access to in-house databases and does not end with more and more cross-software interfaces. (The videos for CRM software give you a visual insight here )

Even with regard to the dangers of work-life blending, for example, time limits of email forwarding can provide a remedy – then the evening is guaranteed from a certain time.

The future not only provides more and more training needs and stress for the workplace, but also facilitation and organisational support. The smarter the technologies become, the more they can help us in our daily work. The responsibility to provide training opportunities and to allow workers time-outs is primarily with the companies themselves.

What other aspects do you see in New Work? We look forward to hearing your answers.