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Campaign management for successful marketing

Successful campaign management requires a good hand for planning and organization. This means that a campaign is planned, implemented and evaluated with concrete steps.

This includes first of all defining the objectives, tasks, responsibilities, timelines and procedures of the campaign. In practice, many campaigns fail due to a lack of transparency and structure or opportunities to measure success. This article looks at how campaigns can be successfully planned and run without losing track.

Essential in campaign management:
The right target group and data base

The watering can principle, which was used at the time and which should reach as many people as possible impersonally, is no longer successful nowadays. That is why campaigns that selectively target only a specific target group offer far greater potential.

In order to address the right target group with a campaign, you need a system with the most comprehensive data base for customers and prospects that can provide analysis for the upcoming campaigns. At best, this system seamlessly integrates marketing and campaign management into existing customer management.

The advantage of an integrated solution is not only that existing customer data can be selected precisely and taking into account the latest customer knowledge, but also that communication within the framework of campaigns with existing as well as with potential integrated directly into the system. Sales and other areas connected to the system, such as customer service, benefit directly from this information.

How does campaign management help marketing?

Good campaign management supports the marketing department in planning, implementing control and evaluation of the campaign.

These include:

  • Content and action steps plan e.g. mailings, events, phone actions
  • Organize internal task distribution
  • Plan and monitor budgets
  • Keep track of many campaigns and channels (multi-channel campaign management)
  • Automation of campaign elements e.g. sending mailings and follow-up actions such as phone actions
  • Handover of the information, e.g. to sales for further processing
  • Processing feedback from the target group
  • Measuring success

Campaign management helps with continuous optimization

Campaign management is far from over with the end date of each campaign – of course, it’s important to analyze what went well and badly in the past campaign. With a good campaign tool, you can, for example, view and analyze the degree of goal achievement, budget usage, survey results, or feedback from sales to optimize your next campaigns.

Campaign management with GEDYS IntraWare CRM

Campaigns are an important link between the analytical and operational CRM in your company. Where is growth potential? Which target group promises the desired success?
Specifications that you capture creatively in appropriate campaigns. With full focus on the customer and his buying motives.

The digital process support in GEDYS IntraWare CRM makes it possible.