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CRM for B2E

Streamline business-employee relationships

The term B2E is becoming increasingly important in the CRM sector alongside its relatives B2B or B2C. It is no longer just about the management of processes and communication between companies and customers, but about those with employees. This has now been recognised as an equally important factor in economic success. An interesting keyword here is xRM, i.e. relationship management, which extends not only to customer relationships, but also to a wide range of corporate relationships.

What exactly is behind B2E and how your CRM software or Your xRM software supports you in optimizing it, you will find summarized in this blog article.

What is B2E? A brief definition

B2E stands for Business to Employee. It is about managing the relationship between company and employees. This is done primarily through communication but also through process design, both between employees and between employees and management levels. For example, processes between companies and employees, such as holiday planning, travel planning or approval procedures, are optimized here. But communication and exchange of information and individual knowledge also play an overriding role.

Why is it worthwhile for companies to optimize the B2E? 3 exemplary advantages

The goal of B2E is to optimize all contact points with and between employees so that employees experience a satisfactory employee experience. You can already see how close CRM and eRM (short for Employee Relationship Management) are and thus B2E management benefits from the functions of CRM software. This ranges from recruiting to the application phase to the long-term relationship between employee and employer. In this respect, B2E ranks strategically alongside benefits such as flexible working hours, bonuses or further education. A CRM for B2E is a logical conclusion.

1. Satisfaction as a driver

In recent years, companies have increasingly recognized that employees should no longer be seen as just a worker, but rather as the potential of the company. Economic success is often closely related to collaboration and communication between employees. Satisfied employees are also generally more motivated and resilient.

2. Employees as a branding factor

In fact, a dedicated employee is like a brand ambassador, nurturing and maintaining the brand and corporate culture. And not only to the customers. Against the background of an increasing shortage of skilled workers, employee branding is also playing an increasingly important role: the company brand compared to potential employees. Who is better suited as an advocate than satisfied already employees?

3. Fluctuation costs and damages the reputation

Conversely, companies often have to deal with high employee turnovers and less productive employees. This is expensive in the long run and also damages the reputation of the company. Long-term projects suffer, customers are confronted with new contacts and induction times mean higher costs for slower work.

The Bureau of National Affairs, for example, estimates that U.S. companies are losing about 11 billion dollars a year due to employee changes. This is despite studies suggesting that the US has the most dedicated employees in the world. By contrast, according to a study by The ADP, companies with committed employees have up to 2.5 times higher revenues than comparable competitors with lower engagement rates.

Good B2E is worth an investment

No wonder, then, that more and more companies see B2E as a serious factor in your leadership decisions and actions. This includes, above all, investments in appropriate software, which can provide employees with the desired employee experience. Here CRM for B2E can support.

CRM for B2E – for employee retention

Software plays an important role today for optimal communication with and among your employees. The concept of xRM (Any Relation Management) means that CRM software is not only valuable for relationship management with customers. In this way, relationships to suppliers, dealers, partners, machines and also employees can be managed with CRM software.

It is also important to network your IT landscape with your ERP system, for example, with CRM. This ensures trouble-free processes between your employees and the accounting department, easy appointments or the sending of internal newsletters for employee information.

Some companies also rely on special portal solutions for their B2E management. However, this is often expensive and the functions to be found are already mapped to a large extent in many CRM systems and even on a single data basis. Central data management is the A&O for many factors of a good employee experience – think of uniform information for exchange, knowledge access, etc.

B2E via CRM using GEDYS IntraWare as an example

The GEDYS IntraWare CRM offers numerous advantages for all aspects of the B2E:

360° visibility for all employees

In addition, not only do your employees have a 360° view of your customers, but you also benefit from the transparent view from the time of the job advertisement. In the recruiting or application process, not only the first impression, but also the second, third and fourth impressions count to convince applicants of your company. All the better if they can shine here with the best information and smooth processes. For this purpose, you gather all data, documents, contracts, etc. in a central location in crm for B2E.

Portal function via home page

The GEDYS IntraWare CRM, for example, offers the personally configurable home page for an individual overview and quick exchange of information. With special widgets, a wide variety of CRM functions or external data can be placed as a quick view on the home page.

As already mentioned, the home page of GEDYS IntraWare CRM software offers a remarkable number of possibilities for the end user to clearly present the information relevant to him and to enable quick access. The widget technology used can be used to display e-mails, dashboards, appointment overviews, or the built-in knowledge base on the home page, for example. Also external information, for example from Deutsche Bahn, Google or with the Corona widget, the incidence values on site. GeDYS IntraWare’s Action Panel provides instant access to customer files, projects, scheduling, or simple note-taking.

Shared knowledge and up-to-date info

With Knowledge, the knowledge base, CRM provides a central and easy way to share knowledge for your employees and to reliably access information and problem solving. For example, you follow projects with the Follow function and are automatically informed about changes and new information. This means that all employees are always on a consistent and up-to-date state of knowledge, without sifting through documents for hours.

Optimal workflows

Not only the connection with your ERP system provides your employees with short and easy ways, but also form functions support the creation of applications by providing a clear overview of all possibilities. Round processes for all communication channels are ensured by intelligent approval processes. For example, the workflow either flows directly to the HR department or automatically takes the route through supervisors for release.

Manage personnel development via CRM for B2E

CRM offers executives extensive functions to support their employees in a targeted manner, as personnel development is one of the most important factors for satisfied and committed employees. This way, it is not only easy to plan training sessions via the event functions and to share them with the employees via special widgets. Managers can also easily track who is taking part in which training, what prior knowledge is available, or what knowledge could be further developed, using the extensive dashboard functions. So he has the opportunity to optimally support his protégés in the development of their careers.

Hearing and appreciating valuable input

A dedicated employee wants to be heard and the company can only benefit from good ideas and suggestions. With regular surveys via CRM, managers have the opportunity to ask for input or problems. Even more important are the evaluation and response to such surveys, otherwise the employees feel rather less taken seriously. Therefore, the results can also be evaluated directly in CRM, so that appropriate measures can be taken if necessary.


B2E is of great importance for the success of the company and definitely worth an investment in beneficial software, or in the extension of your existing CRM software to CRM for B2E.

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