How diverse software can be.

No company is like the other. Each industry brings with it its own individual requirements.

In order for companies to be able to organize their daily work smoothly, software solutions that support them are often used. Find out how individual industries work with CRM software and thus secure a strong future for themselves.

Application examples and project processes for our customers

CRM for every industry.

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 1

Management consultancy

Professional project management with CRM software

More than ever before, the consulting industry is dealing with topics such as digitization, new technologies, future-proof processes and investments.

Experience our CRM software right there and provide for more transparency and professional project management!

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Since 2002, the consulting service provider has been serving international companies in the transport, transport and logistics sectors as well as providers of information, communication and control networks. The focus of the network of around 100 consultants and experts is on strategic infrastructure management.

The management consultancy works predominantly project-oriented. Before the introduction of GEDYS IntraWare, no CRM system was used for this. Each sales employee managed all address data and projects in an Excel sheet. This approach became increasingly problematic as there was a lack of transparency and visibility for the people involved in the project.

With the introduction of the GEDYS IntraWare CRM system, the addresses from the Excel sheets were merged, cleaned up and imported into the newly created database. Employees access the software via the Web browser as well as offline using the Notes client.

For each offer order, a project is simply created. This all players, ie customers, partners, etc. are assigned. The respective internal and external contact persons are assigned corresponding project functions via role-based rights management, such as consultant or supplier. The various user groups are appropriately assigned more or less limited rights, so that everyone can only see and edit what his function in the project. The internal project members also receive an additional percentage of the contract.

Responsibilities are now clearly defined and address data as well as work orders for all are clearly arranged and structured.

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 2

Industry and manufacturing

Customer visits simplified – distribution relieved

Industrial companies face the challenge of responding to new market developments, keeping an eye on costs and producing the exact goods that will drive their customers.

Learn how a mobile CRM system simplifies customer visits and noticeably relieves sales.

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For over 50 years, this craft and industrial company has been providing its customers with all types of fasteners, hardware and complementary items, as well as innovative C-parts management services.

The sales team looks after its customers personally on a regular basis. The processes were documented and filed in writing so far. Over time, however, required documents could no longer be provided without extensive searching. For this reason, the desire for a mobile CRM system came up, which should significantly improve the evaluation options of customer visits and relieve sales.

When introducing the GEDYS IntraWare CRM system, all revenue fields, including a complex discount scale, were integrated into a mobile application. This allows sales reps to manage their customer logs faster and easier, and retrieve all information instantly and everywhere.

The integration of the visitor suggestion lists gives sales a quick overview of which customers have not been visited for a long time. This allows employees to quickly plan and conduct all customer visits in conjunction with Google Maps and the proximity search.

In addition, all offers and order confirmations from the ERP system are sent to the process databases and automatically linked to the customers. So employees can also see all offers and order confirmations on the go as soon as they have been sent by the office staff. A great help for the cooperation of the departments.

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 3

Construction industry

Manage data centrally with CRM support

From real estate, to civil engineering and complex construction projects. Companies in the areas of infrastructure, real estate and the environment daily juggle data on objects, architects, service providers and editions. All data, both internal and external, must be managed centrally and transparently for the respective processor.

Learn how the introduction of our overarching CRM system enables a contractor to provide clarity and consistency in corporate data. And at the same time, the access authorizations ensure the necessary security for all involved groups of people…

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The established construction company is a versatile group of companies with more than a dozen business units. All business units deliver, build, refurbish and dispose of their infrastructure, real estate and environmental customers.

So far, the company has worked with three different data systems: “ARRIBA” (all debtors and accounts payable in the field of “Construction”), “Earth professionals” (mainly debtors, a few vendors) and “DKS” (transaction data). Clarity and uniform data structures were hardly achievable. Now a CRM basis should be introduced, which unites all data in a system centrally, in order to implement a clear and uniform data processing process enterprise-wide.

The choice fell on the CRM software of GEDYS IntraWare. The data from the three systems was merged and transferred to the new CRM system. From there, they are now managed centrally. The software was also introduced for the office and the marketing on a Notes basis, because there is a uniform management and editing structure for the data is particularly important. In addition, the web-based service help desk makes the handling of customer inquiries and support cases faster and more efficient.

Specifically for the enterprise, multi-tenancy has been developed to ensure that each tenant or business can access only the data for which he or she is responsible. In this area constantly new functionalities are developed.

The contractor’s employees save a lot of data management time with the introduction of CRM and have more room to concentrate on their customers.

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 4

Printing and packaging industry

Mobile and flexible with a cloud solution

Every day, millions of people hold the products of major printing and packaging companies in their hands. This requires well thought-out production – around the clock.


Find out how our Cloud CRM for the global producer in the printing and packaging industry makes web-enabled CRM and mobile for the field service…

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The global supplier produces, among other things, printing inks, chemicals and various manufacturing equipment for the printing and packaging industry.

So far, the company has used a Notes-based CRM. But gradually more and more external companies were bought, which did not always have a Notes basis. With a steady increase in affiliates, a simple access management solution to the internal system has proven essential. For this purpose, the Notes-based database should be made web-enabled and provided as a mobile version for the managers who need to approve documents on the go, for example.

The project was realized via a cloud-based complete solution for all customer management tasks. The additional mobile version also gives all field staff access to data and relevant customer information on the go. The company’s project manager had developed the existing Notes databases themselves. Since these were already similar to those of GEDYS IntraWare, on the one hand the move to the new system was technically simplified, on the other hand the employees were able to find their way around the sometimes familiar structures more quickly.

The web application has been adapted exactly to the corporate design and workflow of the company and now offers users a great deal of clarity. For example, flexible lists can be built in to improve the presentation structure.

The individually configurable start page of the online mobile application ensures quick and easy operation. So every employee always has the information he needs for his daily work. Release documents are summarized and sorted by date. The shortcuts to the most important pages of the app are also stored in a common presentation at the top of the page.

The company benefits above all from the cloud solution:

  • Time savings on approvals for the managers
  • Facilitate access management for new employees and subsidiaries
  • high acceptance of the users by their known designs and structures
  • Personalization of the content through the freedom of the menu views

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 5

Information technology

Without trouble to the destination

On the way to Industry 4.0, the use of robots and machines is becoming increasingly larger and more efficient. In order to be able to use these machines without any problems and to guarantee trouble-free production, software is developed that controls robots and machines.

Find out how service tickets and machine messages can be processed in the best possible way with CRM for service and ensure a satisfactory workflow…

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Fault-free to your target outcome

As a software manufacturer for the robot sector we needed a way to manage incoming error messages from customers as well as change requests. At the same time, we wanted to be able to use the resolved tickets and implemented change requests to document the corresponding software versions/releases.

As a result, we made full use of the service module. The inventory database was used to manage versions and software releases. The “Release” link view shows  at a glance which tickets have been included in the respective release. The inventory database allows us to create new software releases (documentation).
Starting from a basic version, a target version is selected and all tickets that are relevant for the new target version/release that have been resolved up to that point can be assigned to the new release.

There is a special tab in the ticket overview, which, for each selected ticket, shows which software versions are affected by the “bug.” This ensures quick problem solving and troubleshooting as well as a more efficient and satisfactory workflow.

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 6

Plastics industry

Duplicate chaos adé thanks to CRM system

In order to achieve the success-critical goals such as sales, profits, new customer acquisition, etc., several factors play an important role. As a sound basis for all decisions meaningful and maintained business information.

Learn about the criticality of business information quality to unlock key strategic opportunities and stay ahead of the competition…

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Say goodbye to duplicate chaos thanks to the CRM system

A lack of quality business information can cause high costs for companies, impact customer relationships or lead to important strategic opportunities being missed – Due to increasing dissatisfaction with the overview and detection of duplicates, a central CRM system has been created. For each data type, different data sets often exist in different databases, even though they actually represent the same object. Data integration has optimised data from multiple sources and linked them together in order to avoid duplicate records. Effective interfaces to systems such as SAP do this overnight and were able to significantly increase the company’s data quality.

As soon as a company or a contact opens in the central contacts database, this creates an automatic branch in the system to the respective contact, so that the user is shown all relevant information. The use of the central contacts database mainly takes place at management level.

In addition, a comprehensive overview of key figures and statistics should be created and maintained for all purchases made within the company. Since such a project is time-consuming and cumbersome, here, too, internal processes should be optimised with the help of a CRM. This is done by using reports that are specially prepared by SAP, which are then converted into a separate statistics database. The collected data are then available to the sales department for further actions.

crm for every industry


Transparent customer data

In the field of agricultural management, it is becoming more and more important to use software for effective management of agriculture, production technologies as well as animal breeding and crop production.

Find out how our software development client works by using individual modules with a modern web solution…

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The software developer began looking for a suitable CRM provider due to high dissatisfaction with their web applications. In order to generate web solutions as quickly as possible, the decision was made to use the GEDYS IntraWare CRM solution, as the handling of the application met the needs of the users very much. The user-oriented Workbench design allows each user to focus on their own work priorities and work ballast-free. In addition to the handling, price-performance ratio and design were decisive for the decision in favor of the GEDYS IntraWare CRM solution.

Thus, the sales partners have access to customer information from every location and can maintain it accordingly. GEDYS IntraWare CRM was used with a sales hierarchy that was created on the basis of its rights concept. This allows the sales partner to view relevant documents.

CRM für jede Branche

Suppliers Industry & Trade

Digitization of customer relations

Strong customer relationships and sophisticated sales are often crucial to success. With mobile access via a CRM app, employees can access relevant customer data at any time for the best possible service.

Find out how selling an industrial and craft business by leveraging a CRM with mobile access can increase its success…

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The digitisation of customer relations

The sales department of the craft and industrial company has made it its business to look after its customers on site on a regular basis. As part of this, individual processes used to be documented in writing and filed. However, over time these documents could no longer be provided without extensive searches.

This, therefore, created a desire for a CRM system that would significantly improve the evaluation options available, in order to relieve the sales department as much as possible. When the CRM was introduced, all revenue fields, including a complex discount scale, were integrated into goMobile, so that sales staff can manage their customer logs quickly and easily and retrieve all information instantly and everywhere. By integrating visitor suggestion lists in GoMobile, the sales team can get a quick overview of which customers have not been visited for some time. In conjunction with Google Maps and a perimeter search function this allows sales reps to quickly plan and conduct all of their customer visits.

Furthermore, all offers and order confirmations from the ERP system are sent to the process databases and automatically linked to the right customers. As a result, sales department staff can also view all of the offers and order confirmations while they are out in the field, the instant the information has been sent out by office staff.

The sales department has been highly satisfied with this solution and uses goMobile daily with its customers.

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 7


Fast communication through simple application

Central and transparent overviews are also increasingly important in the textile sector. For example, resources must be processed or the responsible personnel must have the right material at hand for each work step.

Find out how an international company uses a CRM solution in the textile industry to support the HR department and provide relevant data at all times…

Read sector example ''Fashion'' ...

Fast communication using a simple application

The internationally renowned company, which is active in the textile sector, had increasingly been looking for a central application with which the HR department would be able to forward information about the entry, change and departure of an employee to the responsible departments. In addition, there was a desire for an option that would allow permissions and work material such as, for example, tools & work clothes to be selected by the supervisor.

The introduction of a CRM system has enabled the relevant departments of the company to be informed about the allocation of resources. Therefore, relevant information can be stored in a user master data sheet, so that data about authorisations or issued materials is retrievable at any time.

(A one-time initial import was carried out using the user’s pump from an Excel list.)

CRM for every industry - how diverse software can be 8

Materials handling

Effectively generate business applications

In industry and manufacturing technology, specific solutions are often needed to be able to carry out the highly complex production and work steps. The services to be provided also require constant monitoring of the processes.

Find out how customer-specific adaptations of a mobile app and the use of project support as well as history of rental and maintenance data have become transparent and usable…

Read sector example ''Materials handling'' ...

Generate business applications effectively – The CRM system for services related to forklift trucks & aerial work platforms

The fourth-generation family business offers all kinds of services related to forklift trucks & aerial work platforms. To make its business applications more effective, the company decided to renew its existing software system. Its aim was firstly to adapt the mobile-rich client/mobile offline app with customer-specific data and secondly to display ERP data without using the ERP system, which should allow for a simple overview of internal activities. In addition, there was increasing demand for a representation of ERP and inventory data in the mobile offline client as well as the simple monitoring of project lists in order to manage, among other things, their sales forecasts. Furthermore, the focus has been on customer value analyses that are based on ERP data and divided into two areas.

This resulted in the adaptation of the mobile offline app with customer-specific data and an inventory of more than 30,000 devices. In addition, inventory rental and maintenance histories were imported in order to display a corresponding history in the mobile offline app. A split into two areas provides a quick and easy overview of customer value analyses in the mobile office app.

The application is used at six locations in Germany (Eisenach, Erfurt, Göttingen, Kassel, Suhl and Wernigerode) and was introduced in the sales and marketing departments.