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For all Notes Domino users:
The quick start to successful customer management.
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Free basic CRM

Ready to go in five minutes

Local installation

Maximum 5 licenses

No runtime limit


for sales, marketing and service teams

Uncomplicated and professional management of your customer and address data

With geDYS IntraWare CRM-Freeware you work quite relaxed. You avoid working on endless lists and end paper chaos. The free CRM supports you in your daily tasks. It ensures that all correspondences (such as e-mails, phone notes, visit reports), opportunities, tasks and tickets are stored centrally in one place and are accessible to employees at any time (maximum 5 users). The start for successful customer management.


The free CRM significantly reduces your sales

Manage addresses

Keep contact and company data central, clear and up-to-date. Contacts are your capital – have them with you anytime, anywhere. The unique digital file combines your processes such as e-mails, letters, offers & logs with your business contacts. With the360° view, you have access to all information at any time and can respond to requests at any time.

Opportunities in sales

Be faster and better than the competition. Create meaningful opportunities and quickly discover real potential. For the decisive advantage at the customer.

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CRM Freeware 13


Targeted actions for the perfect customer journey

CRM Freeware 3
CRM Freeware 14

Moving form letters

Address your customers in a targeted manner & convince you with valuable serial letters. Playnitu, create audiences, personalize content, and send your information. The wide range of templates for emails, letters, logs and tickets makes your daily work much easier. Easily extend them with additional individual templates.

Classify & find quickly

Modern tagging of contacts and companies through distributors, classifications, address source and definable keywords.


CRM freeware for service & IT for satisfied customers

First-class support

What do customers want? Someone who solves challenges for them. Quickly and easily process complaints, questions, wishes or ideas. For more customer satisfaction.

Perfect customer service

Optimal customer support on the go. Even without a network connection. For on-site order processing, you can log calls, edit tickets and view all data

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CRM freeware

For all Notes Domino users:
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Simple & Intuitive
to be operated

Thanks to the slim and optimized design, THE CRM freeware is easy to use. Without overwhelming training or IT skills. This way you can get started without CRM experience.

Ready to go in only
5 minutes

The installation takes only a few minutes. After that, you can start right away. With the pre-built databases, you get everything you need for a quick start and your daily work.

One-place or multi-seat application

Download the CRM freeware locally and work with the single-site application. For access to up to 5 users at a time, the application can be installed on one server.

Comprehensive CRM freeware

Get to know the free CRM solution in minutes (in German language only)

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CRM Freeware 16
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CRM Freeware 17

Use CRM freeware in your web browser

Access up to 5 users at a time.
Multi-seat application.
(Domino server required)

Working in the Notes Client

Local for a user in the existing Notes client. Single-seat application.

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Video CRM freeware with the Notes Client

Installation & Support
Step by step

This video will guide you through the entire CRM freeware installation process. Every step is quickly and easily explained to you and you are reminded of important things. You will also receive tips & tricks for working and handling the free CRM application. (Video in German language only)

Service and support

+49 661 9642 222

Please note: Installing the application on a server requires appropriate rights and prior knowledge. For local installation for a user, you need a Notes client.

Video CRM-Freeware Installation
CRM Freeware 18

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the Freeware

Do you have questions about CRM freeware or are you still looking for a suitable CRM solution? Then write us here!

GEDYS_IntraWare, Oliver Niedner, Sales Internal Service

Oliver Niedner
Inside Sales

TEL: +49 531 123 868 420

E-MAIL: Get in touch

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