CRM Manager - what does he bring to the company?

The basic idea of a CRM Manager is not new

The relevance of customer loyalty and customer acquisition was already evident at every little corner shop: “CRM Manager” Aunt Emma from the corner shop managed to respond to individual wishes by knowing many of her customers’ names and knowing about their preferences.

The customers, on the other hand, felt valued, well advised. Above all, they always liked to go to the store to shop there.

Aunt Emma principle: Only with more scope

The tasks of those responsible for customer relationship maintenance are of the basic principle, such as those in an Aunt Emma corner shop, but in larger companies in scope they are much more complex and complex.

The versatile tasks and skills of the person responsible in CRM

And don’t forget the emotional intelligence.


Unlike Aunt Emma, the top customer relationship manager also has the goals of customer loyalty and acquisition, but uses a variety of measures that are not common for an Aunt Emma shop. After identifying CRM goals with all departments of the company involved in the measures, the CRM Manager has to analyze data such as purchasing behavior, customer development or the current market situation of the company.

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CRM Manager Skills

The CRM Manager needs professional competences, especially in the areas of marketing and sales. A certain understanding of software and numbers is also part of this. As with Aunt Emma, in addition to the professional skills for the profession of CRM Manager, good manners, a well-groomed demeanor as well as leadership qualities and communication skills are also relevant.

Unlike Aunt Emma, a CRM Manager often works outside the office or store because customer conversations play an important role. On the one hand, independent work is required, but on the other hand, teamwork is also required when other departments of the company are involved in campaigns.

The link between customer relationship care and relationship

Customer relationship management should not be attributed to other departments such as marketing, sales, or service.

It is only by appointing a full-time CRM Manager in a company that conflicting objectives can be avoided.

The latter can act in its role as an impartial authority when it comes to optimizing processes. If, on the other hand, the CRM instructions come from another area, difficulties may arise:
For example, if sales receive instructions from marketing, sales may not accept these decisions. If the CRM Manager acts as a link between the specialist departments, he can also form an interface with external service providers and the CRM software suppliers as a central point of contact for department heads.

CRM Manager Tool: CRM Software

CRM software helps the Head of CRM optimize customer relationship management by capturing all relevant customer data and operations. Thus, he gains a valid data base for his work. In addition, the CRM software supports all areas of the company that are connected to the customer through newly created transparency and the central provision of information and increases their efficiency.

A CRM system is particularly helpful for the function of the CRM Manager as a link: Customer relationship programs, which deal with areas such as sales, marketing or service, create conflicts of interest between departments. Contained.

Especially in the phase of the introduction of a CRM system, the head of the CRM team should provide all employees with a CRM software function overview. Further requirements can then be recorded in the CRM requirements overview.

The CRM Manager is also relieved by this interaction and has to coordinate less.

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