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CRM programs: What are their benefits?

Once a company reaches a certain number of customers, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of the data jungle. From a certain company size onwards, the introduction of CRM programs is therefore essential in order to be able to respond to the many different characteristics and needs of customers.

CRM programs are used to support the optimization of customer relationship management by structured the recording of all relevant customer data and operations. In addition to customer-related processes, modern CRM systems also support the comprehensive networking of all actors involved in customer relationship management, such as employees from various divisions, but also partners involved.

In addition to supporting CRM processes, CRM programs also increase their efficiency: Among other things, offers for individual customers or customer groups can be created according to requirements and duplication of work can be avoided. Transparency within the company also benefits from CRM systems.

In which areas can CRM programs help?

CRM programs primarily support the Sales, Marketing and Service & IT divisions, as they involve direct customer contact.

CRM programs in sales

CRM systems can give the necessary advantage, especially in this competitive business, which is lacking for successful completion. With the help of CRM software, you can be informed about the customer’s situation at any time, so that needs can be identified and suitable solutions can be delivered.

Sales analyses integrated into CRM programs also provide answers to questions about how things are going in which area, what the revenue forecast looks like, what topics the sales team is concerned with, or where the future is going.
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In addition, CRM programs help sales, among others:

  • lack of overview of collected leads
  • Statements about the success of an event in relation to collected contacts
  • lengthy quotation preparation
  • inconsistent offer templates
  • cumbersome supply tracking
  • expensive forecasting and outdated figures
  • outdated item data
  • an unstructured sales process

CRM programs in marketing

CRM programs can also help to consolidate proper coordination and keep track of various marketing activities.

Some CRM programs also help with e-mail marketing: this makes it easier to send newsletters, measure successes, and direct the results to sales for further processing.
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CRM programs in marketing can resolve the following issues:

  • the high time required for the selection of the target group
  • Missing documentation on the campaign process and task processing
  • a lack of overview of leads and their results
  • unclear responsibilities
  • incomplete documentation of campaign participations and results

CRM Programs for Service & IT

Customers want someone to solve challenges for them. CRM programs can optimize complaint management, call centers, or service services because requests of all kinds, solutions, and related correspondence can be managed quickly and easily.

Some CRM programs also include customer self-service. Customers can use it to create service tickets themselves and view status information. CRM software thus saves a service team time for recording and for information on the processing status. CRM for Service & IT >> learn more

Delivering metrics for service will answer these questions, among others:

  • which topics the service team deals with
  • which customers need help
  • how many open requests there are
  • what is a priority

CRM programs: GEDYS IntraWare CRM example

If structure is to be brought into customer management, CRM programs are the best way to find their way around the data jungle. Before deciding on a CRM system, however, you should first become aware of your own CRM requirements: The CRM software should fit the company and be suitable for the respective application area. You also have to weigh whether to purchase a standalone, a group solution, a cloud service, or a customized CRM.

GEDYS Intraware offers you a versatile range of services for this purpose. Both for diverse industries and different departments such as Sales, Marketing or Service & IT.

In our CRM software product brochure you can read, among other things, how you can optimize processes and increase your sales with a focus on your customers and optimal teamwork between marketing, sales & service.

Brochure CRM Software from GEDYSIntraWare, titelimage with border
Brochure CRM Software from GEDYSIntraWare, titelimage with border