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CRM Reporting: Analysis of Your CRM Data

CRM reporting provides you with the basis for controlling your actions.

Whether in sales, marketing or service: as an employee or manager, you need evaluations on various issues as the basis for your decisions. The challenge of CRM reporting is often a large amount of data. How can they be summarized and prepared for their own purposes?

Today we are looking at how reporting can be implemented with our CRM software. Our CRM already offers you many ready-made CRM reports for your work. You can easily define your own analyses with just a few clicks.

CRM reporting – individual and flexible

As a basis for decision-making for daily work, you need simple evaluation options at a glance.

In the reporting cockpit, you can therefore view all the evaluations that are individually important to you on one page and get an overview of the situation. With one click you get to the corresponding reports and processes, so you gain insight into the details.

Our CRM offers you graphical charts on various questions

For example, analyze your current opportunities, the status and sources of your leads, the status of your service tickets, and much more data.

Once you define which metrics you want to evaluate, the charting widget automatically creates current charts for you from real-time data. With a click you get into the corresponding detailed reports, so questions up to the record level can be clarified.

Dashboards and Reports in CRM Release 8.11 on Desktop, GEDYS IntraWare
Dashboards and Reports in CRM Release 8.11 on Desktop, GEDYS IntraWare

CRM reporting down to the last detail

With just a few clicks you define your own detailed reports

Using the search mask, you define the structure of the report according to your own criteria. You can combine as many criteria as you want and specify which columns should be included in the report.

For quick access, you can simply add the finished report to the START menu of the CRM system. There it is available at any time with up-to-date data. CRM reporting thus ensures transparency over all processes and serves as the basis for informed decisions.