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CRM Trends 2019

What CRM trends are announced for 2019?

In order to establish itself in a highly competitive market, the relevance of CRM solutions continues to grow. For strong competitiveness, more and more companies are relying on pursuing key CRM trends. With the ability to improve conversion rates, increase revenue, collect data, and improve customer satisfaction, the CRM system continues to play a significant role in the company’s success. With forward-looking enhancements and improvements, 2019 will be an exciting year for CRM.

1. Strong focus on mobile CRM solutions

Mobile CRM apps offer almost complete CRM functionality on almost any device. Real-time access provides employees with critical customer data at any time, anywhere. Increasing use of mobile CRM means greater efficiency, access to more accurate information, and improved customer experiences. This added value is being played in the decision-making process for a CRM solution. The use of smartphones is increasing in everyday work and so the number of mobile CRM users will continue to increase in 2019.

CRM Trends 2019
CRM Trends 2019

2. AI-based CRM. A hype for the next CRM trends.

The combination of artificial intelligence and CRM will increase the focus on future-oriented CRM systems in 2019 and beyond. Just like the voice assistants on the smartphone, AI-based CRM solutions can retrieve information and customer data using voice commands. The use of voice commands facilitates the way we work day-to-day.

Visiting reports to speak to the smartphone

The integration of voice functionalities in CRM systems makes it possible to simplify processes and workflows. By dictation functions at e.g. Visiting reports can save several hours of work per day. This enables even faster retrieval of customer and address data.

3. Hyper-individualization for unbeatable customer experience

Many companies have years of data in their systems that enable them to provide customers with an unbeatable and individual customer experience. This trend is clearly emerging in 2019. Hyper-individualization, also known as “deep personalization,” includes the experience the customer has through service or contact with a company. The customer expects not only to receive the right product for him, but also a “all-round carefree package”.

Use data to understand the customer

At each touchpoint, the customer must be understood and looked after according to his needs and wishes. CRM software makes it possible to create an unforgettable customer engagement well before and after the purchase.

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