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CRM Trends 2022

What topics should you keep an eye on in the coming year? Which trends continue to prevail and what is new?

Seamless interfaces, smart automation and sophisticated analytics – we have summarized five important CRM trends for you. Read how to focus on the interaction of the decisive trends in 2022.

A study* shows that digital sales tools and data are instrumental in the success of salespeople. 87% perceive sales technologies as “important” or “very important”. Those responsible see modern CRM and sales intelligence tools as crucial to their success*.

1. Integrations and interfaces for seamless transparency

Data is pure gold for every company. But how do you use them for more sales and the decisive competitive advantage? The customer data of every company will continue to play the leading role in 2022. Systems must be interconnected in such a way that every detail and every interaction with the customer is captured. This requires the possibility of linking the solution used with almost all necessary tools with little effort and expanding it with smart interfaces.

2. Project and team work across all borders

Home office, mobile working via smartphone or tablet is more important today than ever. 77% of sales managers use online sales pitches more often than ever before*. This new way of selling will continue to prevail in the coming years and so access to one’s own working environment outside the office will also be crucial. Use a CRM system with which you can work from anywhere and still do not have to do without any important data.

3. CRM without automation? Unthinkable in 2022.

With automation, companies can provide high-quality customer services while increasing business success. Thanks to smarter processes, internal processes also run much faster and more error-free. More and more companies are recognizing these advantages and are relying on CRM solutions as support.

For example, the use of chatbots can also be important to communicate with customers and automatically resolve help desk tickets. In marketing and customer service, you should also rely on e.B automated e-mail workflows to advance prospects in the sales funnel.

4. Digitalization must be lived across departments

Processes are often not considered holistically and gaps arise in the digitization plan. This year, the digitization of companies has already been strongly promoted, but the sustainable establishment of the new ways of working must be lived with heart and mind in 2022 and beyond. In this way, CRM can be the focal point for all departments and teams. Not only the sales department benefits from a 360° view of the customer – the performance of marketing, service and support also rises to a new level and ensures enthusiastic customers.

5. Clever dashboards make analysis a key function

Sophisticated reports and dashboards provide companies with important analyses to identify problems, solutions and opportunities at an early stage. The main aim is to get as detailed an overview as possible of the sales pipeline, customer satisfaction, sales figures and causes of possible problems. Market observation shows that the complete evaluation of all data is increasingly becoming a decisive advantage in the acquisition of new customers and the support of existing customers.

Conclusion: five important CRM trends in 2022

In 2022, but also beyond, the use and, above all, the full benefit of new technologies and mature CRM systems will become state-of-the-art. Companies want to eliminate weak points and rely on automation to achieve profitable results and focus on crucial core tasks.

So don’t just focus on individual trends, but use the interplay of all of them to advance you and your company.


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Controversial issue of integration? Not so.

CRM Trends 2022 Topic: Integrations
CRM Trends 2022 Topic: Integrations

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