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CRM with route planning

Do you really enjoy the manual planning of tours and routes?

The field service of every industry is united by at least one thing: the customer visit. Without a CRM with route planning, planning routes and tours can become a logistical challenge – for example, when it comes to daily route planning for multiple service employees or for proactive customer visits to sales.

A CRM software with smart interfaces and integrations can make everyday work much easier here.

In the right place at the right time

Let’s imagine: You work in the sales sales field and have a customer appointment some distance away. Before you take this trip for just one appointment, consider taking the opportunity to make further customer visits.

In your CRM with route planning, you can now easily view the customers in the surrounding area as a list. With an interface to Google Maps, you can plan the fastest route in just a few clicks to visit all customers within a day.

However, one of these customers is only available to you in a specific time window. You can easily drag and drop the list of destinations on your route and customize the route to be in the right place at the right time.

With all the features you know from Google Maps, you can now make further adjustments to the route and see details.

Mobile CRM with route planning lets you act flexibly on the go

Thanks to the CRM app for mobile devices, you can easily reschedule even on the go in case of spontaneous scheduling cancellations. With the perimeter search in the CRM system, you can quickly find the customers near you and react flexibly to changes. With the app, you also have all relevant information about the respective customer with you and store new insights directly and conveniently.

A visit is due

Many sales representatives serve a large number of customers who are at various points in the purchase process. It is not easy to keep track of the situation and remember which customer should be visited again and when.

Your CRM with route planning supports you here with practical visit suggestion lists. According to individually set parameters, you are suggested the customers you should contact and visit again proactively in order to strengthen the purchase process or the customer relationship. And also from this list you can get to fast route planning for the day with one click.

But even without a visit proposal list, a CRM with route planning can support you. At best with a customer journey monitoring, which shows you which customers are slowly tearing off the communication and a customer visit is an important action for re-intensification.

Resource efficiently used

Efficient route planning will make everyday life noticeably easier not only for planning in the sales sales field also in the service. Using the data stored in the CRM system, you quickly know which service employee has which skills, where existing appointments have been agreed or who, for example, fails due to illness.

If you have all this information in one place with the outstanding service tickets, planning the routes is much easier.

Last but not least, the employees inform you about current developments at the customer in real time via the CRM app on the go. Visiting reports can be easily stored via dictation function even while driving.

FAZIT: CRM and Google Maps for the easiest route and route planning

Your CRM with route planning will not only save you time and nerves in the long run. You use your human resources efficiently, save one or the other kilometer with certainty and make the proactive care of your customers a breeze.

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