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Global Excellence Award
for GEDYS IntraWare CRM

July 2021 – GEDYS IntraWare CRM awarded again. Acquisition International names GEDYS IntraWare ‘Most innovative software provider’ as the leading and most innovative CRM manufacturer of 2021.

Global Excellence Award for more than just the most innovative CRM software

Acquisition International experts selected GEDYS IntraWare CRM software as the most innovative solution of 2021. Not only pure software criteria were considered, but also the holistic approach of the company to act sustainably in all areas.

Other important aspects also contributed to the award:

  • Innovative content and use of CRM software
  • Responsibility and sustainability
  • Employee and partner retention
  • future plans and new projects
Global Excellence Award Winner GEDYS IntraWare
Global Excellence Award 2021 4

Read the full article about us in the current issue of AI here:

About Acquisition International (AI)

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Cloud CRM Release 8.12 on laptop, tablet and smartphone
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