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HCL announces purchase of IBM Products

HCL buys IBM products in mid-2019: The seven standard software products from IBM including Notes Domino.

What does this mean from the point of view of GEDYS IntraWare?

AS the largest CRM provider on this application platform worldwide, GEDYS IntraWare will benefit from the new HCL dynamics and expressly welcomes it. The contact and cooperation with HCL at the managerial and operational level is very close.

In the 30-year history of GEDYS Intraware, there have been many acquisitions. The IT software industry is constantly reinventing itself, and both large and small vendors are equally highly innovative. Notes Domino has been a stable, secure, scalable and price-performance application platform under IBM. A great development environment for our excellent CRM. One of the first and leading low code platforms.

Back to 1995

We remember when IBM bought Lotus’ Domino product. The fears were great. The lean and fast-acting company Lotus, with whose product we have created an outstanding CRM application, switched to the large tanker IBM. Can we do well? Twenty-three years later, we know. It went well. The CRM and GEDYS IntraWare have grown many times over and have developed great.

Now the opposite is happening: big and sometimes too slow, is now acting too fast again, becomes innovative software versions like Domino 10 and becomes more flexible marketing. The new flexibility has been felt by many customers and employees over the past 12 months: Jam sessions, close contact with US decision makers, close collaborations with business partners and announced annual Notes Domino updates are just some of the milestones of the first Year. A great success in such a short time. We are convinced that HCL will continue to offer us good growth opportunities in the future.

About HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is a world-leading technology company that helps global companies reconfigure and transform their businesses by transforming digital technology. HCL operates in 43 countries and generated consolidated sales of USD 8.2 billion in the 12 months to September 30, 2018.

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