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GEDYS IntraWare Release 8.10 is here

With 466 new features and improvements. New technology for more performance ensures faster, more profitable work.

The TOP 5 of the new GEDYS IntraWare Release 8.10 are:

  1. Customer Journey Monitoring: Dynamic, Graphical CRM 360°
  2. Rapid deployment planning for the service team
  3. Progressive CRM app: the new goMobile Pro
  4. Dashboards & Reports with data from different sources
  5. Create and drop documents faster with the new Action Panel

Important for data protection-compliant action
No dissatisfied customers. No penalties. No warnings.
For this purpose, the new or concrete requirements from the EU GDPR have been received as extended functions in GEDYS IntraWare 8.10.

Selection of top functions in GEDYS IntraWare Release 8.10

New and unique software function for CRM 360° view

1. Customer Journey Monitoring for your sales

Too little contact? detect the trend prematurely. Take countermeasure. Increase the completion rate and customer loyalty.

The spectacular, newly developed Customer Journey Monitoring in GEDYS IntraWare 8.10 immediately gives you and your sales department instantgraphical information about the value of your interaction with individual customers, prospects, opportunities, etc.

Overview widget:

The CRM home page shows by means of a color scheme which customers absolutely need to be addressed.

Emoticons in the company profile:

The function uses specifically configured limits to determine how the customer is bound.

Charting widget:

Displays the assessment of customer interactions in the form of a curve over a timeline.

More CRM for Service & IT

2. Quick deployment planning for the service team

Plan and schedule your employees via our dispatch cockpit and with the drag-and-drop functionality.

With the new deployment planning, the planning process can be perfectly coordinated via a comfortable and easy-to-use user interface.

Make smarter business decisions

3. Dashboards & Reports with data from different sources

Analyze data flexibly. Detect undiscovered data contexts. New intuitive analysis tool invites you to do your own thing.

With GEDYS IntraWare 8.10, you can create meaningful dashboards. They make external data and CRM data visible together and relate them to each other.

“Must-have” to meet customer demands

4. Progressive CRM app: the new goMobile Pro

Contemporary concept. Fresh technology for teamwork. GDPR integrated.

This is what the CRM app goMobile Pro aims to do with its fresh design, easy operation and closer integration into the respective device.

Create and drop documents more quickly

5. The new Action Panel

Work more comfortably and faster with GEDYS IntraWare CRM on the web.

There is now an additional action bar for this: the Action Panel. Favorites allows your company to provide each employee with the most important actions for quickly recording tasks. Files can now be easily dropped by drag and drop.

466 new features and enhancements that we will have developed according to the credo: CRM as easy as email. We learned this from 30 years with CRM projects. The result: Your future CRM software is unique because it allows you to use your CRM data on any device– both online and offline. We stand for:

Desktop with view CRM Tour
Desktop with view CRM Tour

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