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New buzzword Customer Centricity?

Many may have already crossed the road – but what is behind the tongue-breaker? The buzzword Customer Centricity deals with what is arguably the greatest asset for most companies – the customer and the relationship with him. That the customer is king has been the golden rule for years. So what is this term and the strategy behind it supposed to do?

“Thank you, we’re already making customer loyalty!” So what’s the point of the buzzword Customer Centricity?

Companies are breaking their heads every day about how to inspire their customers and are gearing up for a great product. But why is this often not enough? This is where the buzzword Customer Centricity comes in.

The efforts to focus the customer with his individual needs go beyond the realm of marketing and must be lived throughout the company. Many sales and marketing managers will now shake their heads and quibble that this is nothing new. But Customer Centricity encourages you to open your eyes a little wider and benefit from daily contact with colleagues, partners and suppliers. For example, service management colleagues, who are often closer to the customer than anyone else, can provide valuable information.

“A company is only successful when the customer comes back, not the product!”

(Wendelin Wideking)

Everyone in the company influences customer relationships and long-term relationships. This is the message everyone needs to keep in mind.

Not only a buzzword Customer Centricity creates decisive competitive advantage

Everyone tries, only one makes it. In many industries and in markets full of comparable products, this is teeming with competitors and companies that compete and compare with each other. Everyone wants to take the top job in the market and win over the customers. Easier said than done.

Has a customer ever chosen a product of the competition, even though their own was much better?

Product features or price are rarely the sole reasons for a purchase. A customer primarily looks for where his needs are fully met and chooses the provider that offers him the best service. For him, it’s about the feeling of being in good hands and being valued. This shows the effect of Customer Centricity.

What exactly is the implementation?

In order for a company’s behavior and actions to become not only product-oriented but above all customer-oriented, various measures are required. In order to provide the customer with the best possible care, you should know him as well as possible.

With the appropriate software, hundreds of pieces of information about potential customers can be collected and analyzed every day. The central storage of all customer information is just as crucial as the recording of the data. Only when all data is stored centrally in a CRM system can certain customer profiles and patterns be created that help companies get closer to the customer and better serve them.

But valuable insights can also be gained through surveys and evaluations of tickets and statements from your customer service. This is where dashboard and report functions in CRM are beneficial. This allows you to evaluate various key figures, for example from ongoing campaigns, and derive appropriate actions.

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You develop measures for good customer relationships with modern, digitally supported processes along the entire customer journey. The better your relationships, the higher your sales: Satisfied customers return, recommend your products & services to others.

Customer Centricity – not only catch your eye, but stay in the memory of your customers!

Customer Centricity therefore means putting the customer at the center of your business activities and aligning your activities accordingly. So don’t just create the product your customers want, create the feeling of making the best choice with you.