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The Reference Christian Bauer is about improving customer support with GEDYS IntraWare CRM and digitized sales processes. Read the full story in our PDF document.

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The internationally positioned family company Christian Bauer has been manufacturing high-quality disc springs and precision parts for numerous industries for decades. Not only quality, solution orientation and expansion are clearly at the center of the company’s policy, but above all the customer.

Clearly, therefore, it was time to digitize the sales processes using a comprehensive CRM system and to optimize them in terms of efficiency and optimal customer care. Christian Bauer is now realizing this with the help of GEDYS IntraWare.

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“With the new CRM system from GEDYS IntraWare, we were able to simplify, standardize and accelerate work processes. This has brought noticeable structure and calm to our day-to-day business. Working is more relaxed.”

Paul Walton, Head of Sales and Marketing at Christian Bauer GmbH & Co. KG

Reference Christian Bauer:
Sales lost in the Excel mess

The constantly developing company, which relies on highly qualified employees and state-of-the-art technology to manufacture its high-quality products, was now facing another step forward: the sales department was to be modernized and completely digitalized. While SAP has been in use as the leading ERP system for quotation creation for a long time, a CRM system for optimal customer support should now also be introduced to Christian Bauer. In short: The entire sales process needed to be transparent and, above all, better structured. The idea of sales pipeline management was born.

Up to now, work was carried out with elaborate Excel lists, which provided little overview of the pipeline and no possibility of efficient data retrieval.
and processing. This cost a lot of time and nerves, and tracking and evaluation proved difficult. Basically, there was simply a lack of sufficient overview.

Company takes a far-sighted approach to the digital future

With the CRM software solution from GEDYS IntraWare, the processes in sales at Christian Bauer are now to be completely digitized. With the introduction of pipeline management, confusing Excel spreadsheets are now a thing of the past.

With the click of a button, the sales team can now see who is responsible for which inquiry, what the status is, and what information is already available about the customer and inquiry. For this purpose, data on contact persons is simply transferred from SAP to CRM via an interface. Key figures relating to the respective sales opportunity, such as opportunity size, tracking, or win-loss analysis, previously had to be laboriously compiled from several Excel lists. The time involved has been reduced from several hours to a few minutes, as the evaluations can now be created with a mouse click. This not only saves the sales team time, but also nerves.

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Christian Bauer, titlepage to reference story from GEDYS IntraWare
Christian Bauer, titlepage to reference story from GEDYS IntraWare

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