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With CRM to a strategy for success

The German full-service company DB Kommunikationstechnik optimized its sales processes with GEDYS IntraWare CRM.

DB Kommunikationstechnik works with GEDYS IntraWare CRM
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DB Communication Technology operates as a service company for planning, provision and maintenance in the broad field of communications technology. With several thousand employees, it has to process a lot of information. A CRM system should therefore be found for the central documentation and targeted evaluation of the empirical values of their approximately fifty sales employees so that strategic conclusions can be drawn. Together with GEDYS IntraWare GmbH, corresponding processes could be implemented.

Guarantee logo: GEDYS IntraWare data protection according to GDPR
Guarantee logo: GEDYS IntraWare data protection according to GDPR
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Communication technology


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“GEDYS IntraWare CRM works exactly the same way,
How the user needs to think to be successful.”

Gerhard Pentz, CRM Project Manager, DB Communication Technology

Perfect service partner: DB Communications Technology

As a service company of the Deutsche Bahn Group, DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH is a full-service partner for the planning, provision and maintenance of communications technology. It covers all areas of security, automation, information and telecommunications technology as well as print production and information logistics. And it does so 365 days a year, at 75 locations, with 2,000 technicians, planners and engineers.

The company provides these services not only to Deutsche Bahn, but also to “DB-external” customers. Accordingly, approximately 50 sales employees are also part of the team.

CRM system to replace administration with Office

It was clear to DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH that it needed a CRM and that the previous work with Excel and Word files had no future in the company. Together, they weighed up the pros and cons of introducing CRM and finally chose Gerhard Pentz as the technical project manager.

The latter brought with him not only experience with CRM systems, but also experience as a former sales manager, which underscored his qualifications as a CRM project manager.

Practice is in the system

Already convinced by GEDYS IntraWare from previous encounters, Mr. Pentz invited us to pitch. In comparison with 8 other CRM systems – selected mainly on the basis of user test versions – GEDYS IntraWare CRM made it to the final selection with two other competitors.

In the following workshop, our CRM finally convinced us with its professional user guidance and well-rounded system logic. But individual customer support by our competent sales staff also played a major role.

With GEDYS IntraWare’s CRM, practice is noticeably in the system. “
Gerhard Pentz, CRM Project Manager, DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

All hands on board

To get around the problem of low employee utilization in many CRM projects, Mr. Pentz specifically involved his employees in the decision-making process.

Even the never-ending doubters were convinced by the GEDYS IntraWare CRM software, especially by the well-designed user guidance. By means of a call for tenders among the employees, an individual name for the CRM was also found in order to promote identification with the system. Now it is affectionately called “CARMA” internally.

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DB Communication Technology, title of reference story
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