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Keeping an eye on growing sales with CRM

With the GEDYS IntraWare CRM, the fresh brand Gustavo Gusto achieves optimal sales management and, thanks to transparent documentation, a clear view of the market.

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With their brand Gustavo Gusto for TK pizzas, the Franco Fresco GmbH & Co. KG proclaimed the revolution in the freezer. The young food company has been growing inexorably since 2016. And with 45,000 market visits per year, the demands on documentation and evaluation of existing customer data are also growing.

The in-house sales introduced in 2019, increasingly demanded an appropriate software. With GEDYS IntraWare, the sales department was able to implement a reliable and functional CRM system that meets the individual requirements of the department.

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“We are enthusiastic about the extremely fast and precise implementation of our wishes by GEDYS IntraWare. This allowed us to achieve our goals without any problems.”

Ralph Zenker, Sales Manager, Franco Fresco GmbH & Co. KG

The brand Gustavo Gusto: Revolution in the freezer

In 2003 Christoph Schramm opened the first wood-fired oven pizzeria in Passau as a former business administration student. In his search for the perfect basic recipe, he goes on a trip to Italy with friends and achieves complete success.

In the following years, a number of restaurants and a delivery service were added. Finally, the idea comes to your friends: you have to be able to get such a real Italian experience from the freezer – the story of the brand Gustavo Gusto begins.

Gustavo Gusto has been celebrating its success story ever since the real Italian frozen pizza experience was launched in 2016 – with the original basic recipe from 2003. Initially only available in the region around Bavaria, the brand of Franco Fresco GmbH & Co. KG now supplies around 7,600 markets throughout Germany and parts of Austria and Switzerland.

In a very short time, the brand Gustavo Gusto has become the fastest growing food brand in Europe, leaving behind well-known competitors. The secret? Here, it is not sold by price or by mass selection, but simply by quality.

The 5 types of pizza are mostly produced by hand with high-quality, as regional as possible, ingredients. And even climate-neutral. Gustavo Gusto convinces the customers of the excellent quality among other things at up to 3,500 tastings per year.

Growing beyond yourself – better with an overview

With increasing success, the company also grows. For the brand Gustavo Gusto now work about 300 people. Of these, 24 work for the in-house sales department, which will be introduced in 2019.

He initially worked without reporting or dashboards. Gustavo Gusto quickly decided to upgrade here – because with 45,000 market visits a year, only extensive, transparent and evaluable documentation leads to the decisive findings.

This was followed by extensive price & performance comparisons from various CRM software vendors. In the end, GEDYS IntraWare prevailed over some well-known competitors.

In addition to the positive cooperation with the project team, the functionalities of the system as well as the short-term feasibility of the required services convinced – instead of the six months offered by the competitors, GEDYS IntraWare made it possible to implement it in six weeks.

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CRM with hosting for a quick start

The rapid implementation of the desired services at Gustavo Gusto was made possible, among other things, by the fact that the customers decided not only for CRM, but also for hosting at GEDYS IntraWare.

Thus, the installation of an appropriate infrastructure and the development of required resources was eliminated in advance and the customizing of the CRM system could be done in quick start.

Revolutionized Visiting Reports

A special core of the new CRM system are the individually adapted visit reports: the main task and the most important KPI of the sales are regular visits to the markets that offer Gustavo Gusto products. There, all data on the presentation and placement of the products are recorded on site – from POS materials to listing status to competitors.

The employees of the sales field service can now use the CRM app on the go to simply incorporate the results of the visit via their smartphone. The user interface has been optimized for intuitive comprehensibility. In addition, photos can also be stored directly.

This allows every employee to get started immediately. Capturing the information is extremely easy and efficient. The practical perimeter search makes it easier to quickly find the corresponding customer file.

Conclusion: In total, an employee only needs 10 minutes for a report instead of two hours!

Smart workflows for perfect planning

The CRM system is also the basis for regular weekly planning. Visiting rhythms stored for the individual customer markets are reminiscent of the next visit date. From the list of upcoming visits, the individual appointments can be easily dragged into the weekly schedule via drag and drop. With CRM with route planning, the tours from market to market are also planned in no time.

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Transparency thanks to
Live data

Thanks to continuous live data synchronization, the sales management accesses it immediately after the field service has provided the new information. Practical dashboards for market visits, tastings, facings and facing extensions provide the necessary overview of various KPIs, territories and customers.

As a result, reviewing and adapting sales strategies, resource planning, and employee coaching can be extremely fast and flexible.

As a special element, an extensive rights and role system also enables all other sales people to have an insight into specific reporting in order to be able to assess their own performance.

The Gustavo Gusto Revolution is spreading

The visionary company, of course, is far from having enough. Among other things, the new CRM system sets the target of generating 125% increase in sales in 2020. Gustavo Gusto and GEDYS IntraWare are currently working on the expansion of CRM software through complaint management and comprehensive email integration for customer service optimization. An expansion of the product portfolio is also planned, for which additional individual adjustments of the CRM are in progress. It seems certain that Gustavo Gusto’s frozen revolution is unstoppable.

“The time saved by the visit report in geDYS IntraWare CRM is crucial for achieving our sales goals. Our expectations were even exceeded.”

Ralph Zenker, Sales Manager, Franco Fresco GmbH & Co. KG

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