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With a CRM for optimal
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With GEDYS IntraWare CRM, the sales service provider INSTASELL realizes even more effective visit reports including a live ordering system and real-time data for optimal service and full transparency for its customers.

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Especially for the food retail trade (LEH) INSTASELL offers relevant competences on all distribution levels. Working directly at the point of sale is an important factor for his customers’ sales plans. Therefore, among other things, a suitable solution was sought for the recording, visualization and evaluation of the tasks set by the customers.

With bundled creativity and willingness to perform, INSTASELL and GEDYS IntraWare created a software solution for the individual case in external sales.

Guarantee logo: GEDYS IntraWare data protection according to GDPR
Guarantee logo: GEDYS IntraWare data protection according to GDPR
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“Making possible what the customer would like to have – this is lived at GEDYS IntraWare.”

Michael Schulte-Kump, Managing Director, INSTASELL GmbH & Co. KG

Above-average growth

In mid-2020, the personnel and sales service provider INSTASELL was founded. With Managing Director Michael Schulte-Kump as the beating heart, the company draws on over 30 years of experience.

The coordination of more than 10,000 temporary staffing assignments (AÜG) and the management of sales projects on a national level reflect the wealth of experience of Managing Director Michael Schulte-Kump, which he and his team now put to use for sales customers in all industries and regions throughout Germany.

This is how INSTASELL manages to position itself as the fastest growing company in the market with comprehensive competencies, creative strategies and unerring measures for the sales projects of your renowned customers.

INSTASELL offers everything around the topic of external sales: from the strategic product launch, the assignment of highly qualified personnel to the development of suitable controlling KPIs.

Recommendations are the best reference

The decisive factor for the cooperation with GEDYS IntraWare were experience reports from a business partner in the industry. There, the GEDYS IntraWare team had already been able to demonstrate the openness and flexibility with which it approaches individual projects. The structured implementation of the project management as well as the fast implementation and adaptability in the course of the subsequent cooperation strengthened the positive impression.

Individuality for the user

The challenge for INSTASELL in finding a suitable CRM was to make the reporting system adaptable enough so that INSTASELL could apply it to the diversity of its customers. Regardless of whether it is a simple reporting system with pure master data of the customer or complex processes with connection to external data interfaces are required. The goal was to be able to work efficiently and effectively at the point of sale. GEDYS IntraWare accepted the challenge and developed the desired solution in close collaboration with INSTASELL.

“Their willingness to work at full capacity to meet our creative and individual needs – and to do it faster than anyone else – has been inspiring.”

Burkhard W. Köhn, Project Manager Sales Force, INSTASELL GmbH & Co. KG

Optimized reporting
with a CRM

Strategically, a solution was first implemented for a well-known customer in the food industry. This involved the mapping of a complex, holistic reporting system with the connection of external third-party databases. In parallel, it had to be ensured that a product management of more than 130 products and more than 70,000 action reports could be managed for this customer.

Full efficiency in the field with templates and live data

INSTASELL’s sales professionals can now maintain the results of their visit directly at the customer’s site via smartphone or tablet using the CRM app. The intuitive user interface makes data entry simple and efficient – even photos can be entered without effort. With integrated proximity search, weekly and tour planning, the CRM offers all possibilities for a productive approach.

Thanks to real-time data transmission, all processes can be viewed and evaluated directly in the system. This provides optimal transparency, not only for INSTASELL’s office staff, but also for its customers.

The highlight: live ordering system

By connecting to an external merchandise management system, all sales and office staff can now take, initiate and manage product orders for their customers. This enables seamless tracking of triggered orders at various levels as well as versatile evaluations.

Openness & Tolerance
for innovative service

The CRM system also forms the basis for regular weekly planning. Visit rhythms stored for the individual customer markets serve as a reminder of the next visit date. From the list of upcoming visits, the individual appointments can be easily dragged and dropped into the weekly schedule. With the route planning integrated in the CRM, tours from store to store are also planned in no time at all.

Conclusion: Shared values plus
Mix of right competencies

One thing is certain: INSTASELL and GEDYS IntraWare are united by the desire to find the optimal solution for every customer problem – and to do so with creativity, flexibility and a big pinch of courage to try something new.

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“As a project manager, I need optimal technical interfaces for our customers – GEDYS IntraWare has implemented these excellently according to our specifications.”

Valentina Post, Project Manager Sales Force, INSTASELL GmbH & Co. KG

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