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LTS Light and Luminaires

Sales optimization as a success factor in the competition

At LTS Light and Luminaires with GEDYS IntraWare CRM software a solution has been found, that optimally supports the project business and ensures a holistic sales optimization.

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LTS Light and Luminaires is a manufacturer of high quality luminaires and a supplier of professional lighting for architecture, shop and gastronomy. LTS provides comprehensive support from small start-ups to large customers and provides intensive technical support to all customers. Since its foundation in 1985, worldwide sales have been growing steadily. With growing structures and processes, sales optimization was finally necessary in order to be able to handle the growing number of customers and orders. The company’s sales department is also project-oriented. In order to always be one step ahead of the competition, the project business requires accessible information and flexible working from any location at all times.

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“With GEDYS IntraWare, we were able to create a holistic customermanagement that optimally covers our requirements. In day-to-day business, a completely new way of working was established, the benefits of which are clearly visible.”

Karl-Martin Reihn, Authorized Representative, LTS Light and Luminaires, Tettnang

Sales optimization at LTS Light and Luminaires


  • Project-oriented sales with many individual structures
  • Manage multiple quotes and opportunities for individual projects
  • Transparency about activities of sales partners in individual projects
  • Transparency about all processes to the customer and prospective customer
  • Mail integration and documentation
  • Data exchange with iSeries (AS 400) and ability to run the solution on the iSeries


  • High transparency in the relationship with customers and partners
  • Project-oriented view of all tasks
  • Increased efficiency in sales through improved follow-up of customer inquiries
  • Transparent view of all opportunities and their development
  • Distributed work in different locations up to the home office