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Meemken Wurstwaren

More flexibility in project management

Meemken Wurstwaren has already been working intensively with GEDYS IntraWare CRM software since 2017. With the addition of the GEDYS IntraWare Project module, it has now become possible to respond more flexibly to customer requirements.

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For more than 80 years and three generations, the name Meemken Wurstwaren has stood for delicious sausage specialties. Today, the formerly small country butchery presents itself as a solid medium-sized family business with around 250 employees and customers throughout Europe. At its headquarters in Gehlenberg, Meemken Wurstwaren has been processing only beef and poultry since 2009 and meets the requirements to produce according to halal specifications. The pork products are produced at the site in Delitzsch near Leipzig in Saxony.

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Food Industry




GEDYS IntraWare Project

Sausage products for bulk consumers and
Gastronomes by request

The company develops not only products according to its own recipes, but also new recipes or products for customers or partners.Delivered according to personal agreement in individual sales and portion units. In this way, Meemken gives its customers the opportunity to react flexibly to constantly changing market needs.

Meemken offers regional meat and sausage specialties for every need, mainly in Northern Germany. The high-quality goods go to retailers as well as to bulk consumers and catering establishments. Numerous restaurants and pubs, but also institutions such as hospitals are among the customers.

Distribution takes place exclusively through the factory outlet via “Meemken & Sandmann” in Gehlenberg and Delitzsch. Short distances are the prerequisite for the high quality of the goods. Meemken & Sandmann also have EU approval as a cutting plant and as a production plant for meat products and preparations.

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Customers need custom labels & packaging
for own trade

Meemken therefore needed a suitable application for individual customer support and project handling:
GEDYS IntraWare Project

More flexibility in project management

Meemken Wurstwaren addresses the wholesale trade in particular with halal products. At the same time, the retail trade is addressed with many products from the wide range. For the resulting projects – often 10 to 15 projects are running at the same time – the company needs a high degree of transparency regarding agreements and the status of the projects.

The GEDYS IntraWare Project module now optimizes Meemken’s flexibility with regard to customer requirements for labels and packaging. Here are the individual stages for carton, film and label design and production. Every employee in every department can view the status of a project, whether from sales, development, marketing or project management. He receives all information on layouts, prices or approvals for the respective suppliers and producers – including all contact data, transactions or agreements from the sales department. This enables, among other things, quick reactions to inquiries or changes.

Expansion with foresight

In wise foresight, the company had purchased enough licenses of the GEDYS IntraWare CRM suite for its expansion right from the first purchase. This made it easy to add the Project module throughout the company. All information about prospects and customers is stored centrally in the CRM system. This creates the necessary transparency and process speed in the company: The prerequisite for the connection of the new module.

Like Meemken Wurstwaren, Meemken & Sandmann works intensively with the CRM software of GEDYS IntraWare. Both branches of the company use the CRM to transparently manage all contact data, transactions and sales opportunities as well as agreements on prospects and customers. Meemken & Sandmann’s newly established field sales force is increasingly active off-site and works mobile with the CRM software, which means that the office staff is always informed. Optimized in this way, customer satisfaction increases automatically.