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CRM simplifies internal communication

Communication and documentation are essential for companies that collaborate nationwide across different locations and with external companies. Our special solution provided the optimal support.

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Customer reference Joh. Sprinz 4
Customer reference Joh. Sprinz
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The industrial company Sprinz processes raw glass and produces glass doors, facades, shower separations and other high-quality special glass products. The cooperation with many external partners reinforced the need for easy handling of service procedures and work assignments.

In addition, the previous form of communication was cumbersome and inefficient, especially for employees who are on the road a lot, since most of it was done by phone or fax. Thanks to the special solution from GEDYS IntraWare, around 70-80% of the telephone calls that would otherwise have been made can now be saved. This is easy on the nerves and saves a lot of time.

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Customized CRM

“The project with GEDYS IntraWare 8 enabled us to achieve enormous cost and time savings. We are really very satisfied with the service and support of GEDYS IntraWare!”

Mr Steinhauser, Joh. Sprinz GmbH & Co. KG

Increased productivity and efficiency at Sprinz

through nationwide fitter control

Communication and documentation are essential for companies that work together at different locations or with external companies nationwide. The communication of the various companies and parties, via fax, e-mail or telephone calls is rarely easy and can be difficult to understand.

This challenge was also taken up by the company Joh. which works with many external fitters on a daily basis. A unified system for all operations and data became the company’s wish, but also the wish of the associations and wholesale companies that work with Sprinz.