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Easily turn strategic goals into operational goals with the
continuous process for sales control in release 8.11.

This brings a CRM in sales for your team

With GEDYS IntraWare CRM in sales, you control your sales via an end-to-end process and thus relieve the team. Combined with centralized data management, you gain time that your employees can use for customers and prospects –
Contacts are your capital.

Any colleague can respond to requests from any device and location. This increases the satisfaction of your customers and ensures better customer loyalty. All have an overview and control at all times about leads, promising opportunities and forecast views. This will make your sales more successful. > Product flyer download

Release 8.11: CRM in Sales for More Sales and Growth, GEDYS IntraWare

*Pipeline: List of all sales projects/opportunities maintained by sellers
**Forecast: The sales manager condenses and expands the pipeline taking into account current market developments

Working according to a proven method

Define an approach model in the sense of a sales process with the important KPIs in the milestones. You can plan for months, quarters or years down to employee level, whether it’s top-down or button-up.

Use resources consciously

Determining probabilities of a deal helps sales leaders and employees focus on promising customers. The presentation of process progress will motivate your sales team.

Focus on promising leads

Automated classifications and selections according to your specifications are possible. This is how you focus on the important prospects.

Create analyses and forecasts

The analytical CRM provides you with the figures and trends as the basis for your operational business. You receive all key figures in a single overview, including from external sources.

Use Pipeline* and Forecast**

They are the foundation of your business and sales planning. Every month anew.

“With GEDYS IntraWare’s new CRM solution, we can focus our energy even more on outstanding service and inspiring ideas.”

Christian Ilg, Director Sales Support at Hurco Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH. (To the customer reference Hurco)

From lead to enthusiastic customer

Develop a customer journey that makes your customers happy

With GEDYS IntraWare CRM in sales, you can track all contact points of the entire customer journey from the customer to the loyal customer. This way, you know what your customers expect even before they do themselves and can thus respond specifically to existing and potential buyers. Here we show which CRM functions support you in this:

Manage leads and fill pipeline

Leads via your website and new prospects you will let flow comfortably into the sales process. You will see all relevant activities you need to convert these leads. Use a rating matrix to classify your customers and opportunities. The CRM system identifies priorities and creates the basis for your sales activities.


Visit suggestions, follow-ups or workflows speed up your sales processes. You can also subscribe to News Feeds to automatically receive updates on leads, customers or projects. Mr CRM thinks of everything and informs you as desired about all activities related to the leads.

Unique email integration

BusinessMail already shows CRM data about the sender in your mailbox. All incoming emails can be taken over to the sales software with one click. The Businessmail4SAP ® counterpart also shows transactions to the sender.

Customer Journey Charting, GEDYS IntraWare
CRM in Sales 7

Reporting for management

The process for generating reports is automated, transparent and it takes only a few clicks to keep colleagues from other departments or management informed about current sales opportunities.

Control your sales with Pipeline and Forecast

A CRM in sales ensures transparent information. You can see all the facts on your screen in dashboards and reports
and immediately know which of your strategies are successful. Follow them closely and optimize your sales
Step by step.

Management dashboard of Release 8.11 of GEDYS-IntraWare
CRM in Sales 8
  • Define an approach model in the sense of a sales process with the important KPIs in the milestones.
  • The probability of the opportunity is based on reaching milestones in the defined sales process.
  • Each milestone is coupled with a percentage of probability.
    For example, access to the Buying Center and key people increase the likelihood of opportunity.
  • The conscious confrontation with the opportunity leads to a targeted activity plan.

Fixed offers with CRM in sales

A breeze with the offer editor.

Streamline your configuration, pricing, and quotation process.
Learn more in our video Smart offers in just 4 steps.

Quickly create quotes with CRM in Sales Release 8-11, GEDYS-IntraWare
CRM in Sales 9

With the item catalog, the calculation and the text modules and templates centrally stored in the CRM system, you can put together professional offers in just a few seconds. All relevant customer and opportunity data automatically ends up in the offer.

CRM for Sales: Quick offers with the offer editor
CRM in Sales 10

With just one click, you can convert your offer to PDF format and send it directly from the GEDYS IntraWare CRM to the customer.

Just as easily and quickly create and send the order confirmation.

Quick return on investment.

Cost-effective, effective, fast, intuitive – 4 positive characteristics that GEDYS IntraWare CRM brings to sales.
3 examples of calculation can be found in our ROI checklist review.



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CRM in Sales 11

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