Suitcases are packed. Let’s go to the CEBIT.


CEBIT 2018 – Business, Leads and Ideas. The triad of trade fair, conference and networking event enables a 360-degree view of the digitization of companies, administration and society. (Source:

But before it could start, a lot had to be done.

To Do’s.

The “to do” lists have been long. Our marketing department was brainstorming, designing, discussing and discussing. What do we really need? Logically, a booth. Already clear. But only with a booth is not enough. We need an appealing booth design, a useful layout, giveaways, and much more. Each booth has small giveaways to give. Pens, lanyards or pads are the most widely distributed gifts at trade shows.

According to a study published in January 2012 on the efficiency of promotional products carried out by the GWW Gesamtverband der Werbeartikel-Wirtschaft, the concrete usefulness of a promotional item has the highest relevance for recipients, followed by ease of use, high quality and originality. The study also shows that promotional products can achieve recall rates of up to 76%.

Prerequisite for this are the quality criteria according to the AdCoach:

  1. Likeability
  2. Originality
  3. High quality
  4. Striking advertising print

We agonized specially for a new slogan for the CEBIT. This is not so easy. Many ideas that are being thrown overboard again. How should the wording be? Young and fresh? Or rather classic? There is so much choice. A playground of creativity.


Of course, the focus is on the exhibition stand. The dimensions are available. Ran thought about it.
From paper and cardboard, we have made a scale model. Somewhat old-fashioned you will think today, but so can the placement of the elements such as kitchen, counter or bar still push back and forth best. How can the area be used most efficiently?
Is a bar needed? How should the counters stand? It should look good, but of course its purpose. The sales staff need enough space to present the products at the counter. The atmosphere should not be sterile but inviting. There are so many possibilities.
When the ideas were ready, they went to the booth builder, with whom questions or ideas could be clarified together. Booth, check.

How much is the fish?

Of course, the budget always has to be kept in mind when it comes to ideas. But the task is always to get the most out of it. Find alternatives when other ideas of money or implementation fail. Continue to brainstorm and develop new ideas. These are the small challenges that make the planning of the exhibition so exciting again and again.

Faithful helpers in stressful trade fairs

With the project management tool GEDYS IntraWare Project projects can be planned and implemented stress-free. Deadlines can be set and tasks distributed.
With the Marketing Module, customers and interested parties can be informed and invited about the upcoming event as part of the telephone call ahead of the fair.
Through individual campaign steps, the Campaign Cockpit provides transparency about progress and the achievement of goals.
This way, chaotic fair days can be overcome and the event can be well managed.

We are ready, full of energy and looking forward to an exciting week at the CEBIT. Are you there too? Come visit us – Hall 16, Stand H16.