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Free Corona widget shows incidence values on site

It provides quick answers to these questions:

  • What incidence values do field staff need to be aware of?
  • Does your own employer allow a visit at the indicated value at the customer’s location?
  • Does the current incidence value at your own location allow you to drive to the customer appointment?

    Always up to date. No Fake News.

    We supply incidence values directly from the Robert Koch Institute.

    The Corona pandemic has not only changed your sales, but also greatly affects customer service. Both contribute significantly to customer satisfaction and cannot be provided digitally in every industry. We asked ourselves, “How can we contribute to supporting our customers in the Covid 19 era?” and implemented the idea of the Corona widget.

    Company-wide rules & guidelines can be implemented much more easily using the new Corona widget based on the respective incidence values.
    The research effort is completely eliminated and incorrect information is excluded. Quickly more security for all!

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    Incidence values

    • All values directly from the Robert Koch Institute
    • Display of values at the customer (in county and state)
    • Tendency display
    • with color coding
    • with free geo-localization

    5 minutes-

    • free of charge for WEB CRM software 8.11 and older
    • New page is copied to web interface database
    • Integration via widget set configuration

    We install the Corona widget for you free of charge, request it now

    Digital against Corona:
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    Ditigal against Corona: Corona widget on laptop
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