SAP e-mail integration with Microsoft Outlook

Email: SAP & Outlook is a permanent topic with great optimization potential for many companies with SAP.

The email function is the most widely used medium for communication in day-to-day business. The number of emails we all receive every day is growing: in 2014, there were 196.3 billion worldwide. In 2019, it will be 236.5 billion, according to a 2015 forecast by Statista.

That is why many people ask themselves, how can the many email requests be better managed? A good example is provided by Overlack (for customer reference: Overlack) with the email integration for Outlook. The company was looking for a way to finally create an interface between MS Outlook and SAP.

Optimizationtarget E-mail: SAP & Outlook

Connecting two worlds in day-to-day business

The company Overlack receives many requests per employee in sales every day for operations in the SAP system, for example for orders or invoices by email. Until now, processing the requests was very time consuming, because it took 5 steps to read the email in Outlook and open the correct SAP transaction.

Customer refrenz GEDYS IntraWare: Logo by Overlack

Customer reference Overlack:
Collaboration of many locations optimized

With the GEDYS IntraWare CRM, the management of customer and supplier data as well as the integration of CRM, SAP and e-mail were renewed.

The integration of Outlook email and SAP

The company decided to use BusinessMail4SAP® (documentation for emails in SAP), an add on for the mailbox that connects Outlook and SAP. This can be easily installed by any user himself, or centrally provided by the admin. The task of connecting Outlook and SAP is fulfilled by BusinessMail4SAP® for any business object.

The add on is directly integrated into the Outlook email view and shows each user in a separate area the master data (company and contact) to the sender of an email. And also the corresponding SAP operations that are assigned to the sender of the email.

With a single click, every SAP user from MS Outlook gets into the SAP process that matches the request and can edit it. For example, update contact details or order quantities or provide feedback on invoicing. With Overlack, this integration of Outlook email and SAP saves 3 minutes per operation. With 10 enquiries per employee, this is already half an hour per employee.

Simply transfer emails from Microsoft Outlook to SAP

Communication with customers and business partners also wants to be well documented. Nothing is more annoying than, for example, if an order quantity is increased at the request of the customer in SAP, but the corresponding email can no longer be found for proof and there are inconsistencies with the customer. BusinessMail4SAP® ( SAPand Mail – 1-click documentation) also solves this problem. Users open their emails in Outlook and with one click the email can be documented directly from Outlook in SAP.

BusinessMail4SAP® brings SAP to your mailbox: Up to 80 faster processes

An immense time saving for every SAP user. You will immediately see all SAP transactions to the sender of the email. For example, the appropriate addresses, orders, bank statements, open deliveries, invoices, purchase orders and returns. Directly in your mailbox and open with just one click. You save up to 5 steps per request.

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