Data Import & Export
GEDYS Intraware 8 Pump

Top Features

  • Complete Connectors (e.g. for XML / E-mail / Web Services / Notes)
  • Consolidating Data from various Sources
  • Automatic Data Synchronization
  • Automatic Delivery of Reports

Application Integration first class: GEDYS IntraWare 8 Pump brings together what belongs together.
Pump is your tool for data import and export, as well as data integration and analysis.
This powerful tool enables the integration of different application systems and visualizes your evaluations clearly.

Application Integration: A and O for the consolidation of key business KPIs

Application Integration touches organizations and business processes to a large extent. Whenever information is held in various systems, the determination of business-critical metrics is complex and not feasible. Pump closes these gaps and provides a transparent flow of information from suppliers, to partners, to customers.

The basic license includes one server and two user licenses as well as one connector Notes, ODBC or ASCII.

  • Consolidation of key indicators for decisions
  • Extension of the lifetime of legacy applications
  • Preservation of investments in legacy systems
  • Creation of modern user interfaces for legacy systems
  • Risk minimization during changeovers
  • Increased productivity for end users

Application Integration