Appointment Overview
GEDYS IntraWare 8 Schedule.view

Top Features

  • Overview of People / Resources / Personal Groups
  • Diverse Views on Day / Week / Month / Quarter / Year Filter by Type e.g. Event / Reminder
  • Private Appointments
  • Shared Information as Mouseover

Schedule for busy people: Schedule.view creates a fast overview of the appointment Jungle:
Who is where and when are they free for the meeting? Available times are transparent with Schedule.view and appointments for own groups, employees and resources are quickly and easily fixed.

This appointment overview has it all:

Only Schedule.view can handle all the different types of events. Whether meetings, events, anniversaries, previews or holidays – with different colors and types of representation for the categories, it provides a quick overview. You want to check the current day, the week, the month or the entire year? With one click you are in the desired view.

  • There is no appointment overview for your team and the department
  • Important dates cannot be distinguished from unimportant ones
  • There is no date overview for planning for the month/ quarter/ year
  • No information when a colleague will return from his appointment
  • Cumbersome planning of meetings
  • No transparent vacation planning

Appointment Overview