CRM.App for smartphones & tablets
GEDYS IntraWare 8 goMobile Pro

Top Features

  • Create companies & contacts
  • Deposit phone notes & visit reports
  • Set up projects
  • Create service documents
  • Edit calendar
  • Generate opportunities
  • Set up e-mails
  • Search function for documents
  • Search function for addresses (also offline)
  • Information function
  • Area search
  • Route planner
  • Fast entry / business card scanner etc.

Mobile App for Mobile People – free trial now!

GEDYS IntraWare 8 goMobile Pro will inspire your sales force. Get all the important information within a few clicks: this saves time. And time is money. Bring your business forward with flexible system access from anywhere.

What can goMobile Pro do for you?

For anyone who wants to edit CRM data on the go, we built a very modern and user-friendly app. GoMobile Pro enables quick and easy access to your customer data on your mobile device. The app can be used both online (editing) and offline (read-only), without neglecting mission-critical aspects such as security, ease of integration and costs.

Fast, comfortable, modern – the new goMobile Pro app

Great is the power of habit. We want to find our way around new applications without having to go through the manual first. Long training in new systems or applications is too time-consuming, so we completely overhauled the layout of our goMobile Pro app:
It now offers not only a user-friendly design, but also many features that make it easier to coordinate and work with customers. The home page can now be put together individually and offers an optimal overview at first glance. The menu, the functions, the layout: everything is where you think it is – for intuitive usabilitiy.

You also have the opportunity to be reminded of your appointments, establish contact with customers quickly and therefore be up to date at any time. The quick search proves its worth: in a matter of seconds, the application scans the entire dataset of the CRM and delivers the desired results.

NEW: For incoming calls, goMobile Pro not only recognizes numbers from its own telephone address book, but also simultaneously searches all contact profiles from GEDYS IntraWare 8 CRM and displays the corresponding information. So you know directly which of your customers calls and can optimally adjust to the telephone conversation. Even with missed calls, the information is visible.

With goMobile Pro you and your sales representatives are perfectly equipped for the daily work routine:

  • Everything important at a glance
  • Easy coordination of processes
  • Having everything with you on the way to the customer
  • Faster decision options
  • Save time through constant accessibility
  • A 360 ° overview of all customer transactions
  • Always up-to-date online and offline

CRM Mobile

Required modules:

Contacts – Structured Address Management
Office – Electronic File for all Business Activities
Sales – Sales Solution from Lead to Order
Service – Professional Customer Service