CRM for Smartphones & Tablets
GEDYS Intraware 8 goMobile and goMobile Pro

Top Features

  • Company / Contacts / Units (incl. Quick Entry)
  • Projects
  • Visit Reports
  • Simple Opportunities
  • (Phone) Notes
  • E-mails
  • Tasks/ Reminders/ Appointments
  • Quick & easy Search (incl. Map Display)
  • Radius Search & Routeing
  • Interface for Business Card Scanner
  • Online Access

CRM Mobile for Mobile People:

GEDYS IntraWare 8 goMobile and goMobile Pro will inspire your sales force. The Mobile CRM for tablets and smartphones provides you on the road with all the information about customers and business partners. Available on all platforms, whether iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

New possibilities with CRM Mobile

Mobile CRM is a trend that is spreading rapidly. The perfect complement to CRM on your laptop. Why wait until you get back in the office when it comes to important details? With goMobile and goMobile Pro you have business partners, tasks, appointments, projects, notes, documents and E-mails wherever you go. New information and results are recorded immediately. This clears the head.

CRM Mobile creates a leading position

CRM Mobile provides not only higher productivity, you can also act immediately. Quickly the offer is prepared, project information distributed or the service report done by voice recording. This Mobile CRM solutions bring new speed and makes you better than the competition.

If this sounds familiar, you need goMobile or goMobile Pro to help with:

  • Customer data is not automatically available on mobile/ duplicate data maintenance necessary
  • Creating meeting notes only in the office on your laptop is possible
  • Visit report is not created immediately after the visit, important information is forgotten
  • Service log / ticket can not be created on the spot, long reaction times to urgent problems
  • Preparation of visit on the go only possible with laptop
  • New contact information cannot be updated directly
  • Separate calendar necessary
  • On the go withno overview of tasks for the day

CRM Mobile

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Required modules:

Contacts – Structured Address Management
Office – Electronic File for all Business Acitivities
Sales – Sales Solution from Lead to Order
Service – Professional Customer Service


Available extensions:

Contacts – Structured Address Management
Office – Electronic File for all Business Acitivities
Sales – Sales Solution from Lead to Order
ScheduleTransparent scheduling
Service – Professional Customer Service