Computer Telephony
GEDYS IntraWare 8 Call Control

Top Features

  • Dialing with a Mouse Click
  • Automatic Performance of defined Actions
  • Caller List
  • Emergency information to the Caller
  • Create new Contacts to the Company
  • Recording

CTI Software that surprises your callers:
With Call Control you instantly know who it is; or start your call with one click.
The smart solution integrates with Computer Telephony in GEDYS IntraWare CRM and IBM Notes.

CTI for the right Connection

Eternal misdialling belongs to the past with call control . Instead, it is now known as: super-fast access to required information. Thanks to Computer Telephony Integration you are a single click in the customer file; or to call the desired contact.
Use CTI to give telephone campaigns new speed and no sore fingers for frequent callers.

Benefits of Call Control – CTI solution for Tapi and Cycos mrs.

    • No permanent change between phone and computer
    • No long research and manually dialing phone numbers
    • No misdialling
    • Direct opening of the contact and creation of documents during a call with one click
    • More productivity through time savings and convenience for incoming and outgoing telephone calls

CTI with Call Control