Data Export
GEDYS IntraWare 8 Exporter

Top Features

  • Performant and resource-efficient Data Synchronization
  • Export as a relational Data Structure
  • Unlimited Number of Records
  • Easy Export for Adjustments

Data Export for all with complex systems: In the daily work with your customers, partners and suppliers you need to collect important data in the CRM system. For downstream processes you need this data often in a relational data structure. For example, you want to create with your BI tool reports and analyzes.

Fast and automated Data Export

GEDYS IntraWare 8 Exporter is the solution for automated data export in SQL data structure. The evaluation is possible with BI tools such as Pentaho, Cognos or Data Mining Manager.

Flexibly combine Systems

New, revised and enriched data is provided automated via Exporter for all connected systems. You decide how and when the export is done. Also new fields can easily be exported.

Exporter... and the Data Export runs

  • Pre-defined export structure for the modules Contacts, Office, Sales and Service
  • Export data from any Notes databases
  • Comparision of data runs performant and conserves resources
  • Provision of data as relational data table
  • Treatment of multiple value fields in relational data structure without programming
  • No limit on the number of records to be synchronized
  • Adjustments are also easy to export

Available Extensions