GEDYS IntraWare E-Mail & CRM Archive

Top Features

  • Certified Archiving
  • Full Text Search
  • Parallel Search in Archives & Mail Databases
  • Revision secure and compliant Backup
  • Multistage Backup

How do you ensure a legally compliant, long-term and non-manipulable archiving of electronic messages and documents across the enterprise? By using the E-mail and CRM Archive from GEDYS IntraWare. The Archive makes tape drives and other mechanisms superfluous and provides a time saving of up to 6 hours per user / week in accessing documents.

Legally compliant E-mail Archiving for all Company Sizes

E-mail is now the most common form of communication and is considered as business critical. The Principles of Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documents (short GDPdU, Tax Code, HGB) require that E-mails as tax-relevant data are non-manipulatable. The E-mail Archive of GEDYS IntraWare has been certified by OPDV and meets all safety standards. It is scalable and has no limitation of space. Therefore large amounts of data and E-mails can also be stored in a legally compliant and auditable way. From the E-mail Archive to long-term storage – GEDYS IntraWare E-mail Archive means investment security and cost savings.

CRM Archive: Long-term Storage for CRM Documents

Also CRM documents must be archived in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. With CRM Archive from GEDYS IntraWare you fulfill your obligations and give employees the option of keeping  their focus on current documents, instead of outdated data. If these are needed anytime, they can be accessed quickly and directly from within the familiar working environment.

Comfort Zone: Archiving with maximum Automation

The archiving process is completely automated, there is no manual triggering of operations necessary.