E-Mail Marketing
Cleverreach Interface

Top Features

  • Creating responsive Newsletter & Mailings
  • Test Delivery
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • E-mail Marketing History in CRM
  • Direct Follow-up Activities for Sales & Marketing possible

You want to inform your Customers about your products, wake needs and provide points of contact for sales activities? With E-mail Marketing, you can reach your customers quickly and easily. GEDYS IntraWare CRM and CleverReach provide the perfect base for your E-mail Marketing Campaigns: from the creation, transmission, to success analysis and sales activities. Whether as a single mailing or newsletter.

E-Mail Marketing Software for professional Newsletters & Mailings

Based on ready-made templates that are already optimized for mobile devices, you create with a few clicks the content with text, images and links to your website. You can specifically select the target group for each mailing and for example combine any criteria. The design and spam testing ensures the quality of your mailing.

Unique Performance Measurement

Who has received the E-mail? Who has clicked on what topic? What topics are promising? These reports provide you with valuable feedback for your future customer communication.

Easy Collaboration between Marketing & Sales

The results are provided to your Sales Team in CRM. There you can start a direct follow-up of contacts that have expressed interest by clicking. And you can look-up at all times in the mailing history of the CRM contact, whoever is interested in what subject.