GEDYS IntraWare 8 Portal

Top Features

  • Module-spanning Search (also alphanumeric & phonetically)
  • Configurable Fields and Advanced Search
  • Role-based Navigation
  • Actions for Search Results (e.g. Resubmission / Distribution Set)
  • Export of Search Results

Individual CRM makes your work every day a little easier.
CRM must be personal. This means deliver to everybody exactly what they need for their work.
Portal provides exactly this tailored information.

Individual CRM for productive Individuals

The CRM Portal gives all users quick access to information individually for them. This individualization is possible for individuals or groups. Because the faster users reach their goal, the more satisfied they are and their productivity is higher. The role-based navigation and custom research function additionally support daily information processing.

Common business without CRM Portal...

  • Desire for a simple navigation to the entire CRM System
  • Various employee roles and associated access rights are not consistently displayed
  • No central overview of tasks, E-mails, appointments and follow-ups
  • No convenient, CRM wide search possible
  • Without exact spelling people and documents cannot be found
  • Important messages are not automatically documented in the customer or supplier record
  • No search folders for selecting and processing are available
  • Missing functions for mass processing of search results

Individual CRM