Inventory Management
GEDYS IntraWare 8 Inventory

Top Features

  • Manage any Asset Objects & Systems
  • Assigning Users and Contracts
  • Analysis with Analytics
  • Integration into the Helpdesk

With this Inventory Software everything is in the right place. GEDYS IntraWare 8 Inventory is the warehousing and inventory management for products, licenses and all kinds of goods. As part of ITIL, the module provides the perfect Configuration Management tool.

One Inventory Software for all:

  • Freely definable inventory types such as installations, equipment, furniture, licenses, vehicle fleet etc.
  • Single Component (CI) as the smallest asset unit e.g. Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor
  • Summary of the individual components in a system, for example: Ms Miller’s Workplace
  • Information about manufacturer or supplier
  • Contract assignment for individual component or system when using the module Contracts
  • Complete maintenance planning including feedback to maintenance activities, history and plan of future maintenance appointments
  • Inventory Management can be expanded individually by configuration