Knowledge Management
GEDYS IntraWare 8 Knowledge

Top Features

  • Approval Process and Versioning
  • Web Self-Service
  • Full-Text Search
  • PDF Creation
  • Archiving
  • Automated Take-over in E-mails / tickets

Knowledge Database for all those who want to share their knowledge and reach their goals faster.
GEDYS IntraWare 8 Knowledge creates transparency for your company’s expertise and revolutionizes your information management.

Solve problems faster with the Knowledge Database

Whether in development, service, marketing, sales or other areas: with the Knowledge Database you collect and share e.g. ideas, processes, troubleshooting, articles, manuals or whitepaper. And give all employees access to this important information for their work.

Do you know this?

With a good Knowledge Database customer requests or any problems can be solved more quickly. And when employees leave, knowledge will never be lost again.

New Opportunities for your Knowledge Management...

  • Gather any information, link & evaluate it
  • Find resources faster
  • Accelerate diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Make knowledge accessible to third parties (via the Web)
  • Make knowledge reusable
  • Check and release knowledge entries
  • Improve training of new employees
  • Integrate discussions

Knowledge Database