4x CRM on the go
Mobile work makes companies more flexible and productive

Simpler adjustment processes, faster decision-making, a 360 ° overview of all customer transactions, and much more, are essential features of GEDYS IntraWare’s new mobile applications.

We offer you 4 mobile applications optimised for your specific requirements. Whether you want to have your customer data on the go with you or also other data. Whether online or offline, in an app or on a browser on your mobile device. We provide you with the right mobile package for your needs.

But which mobile application is right for you?

Do you need information quickly and easily on all devices? Without neglecting the functionality of your CRM? Then goMobile is just the thing for you. GoMobile allows you to access  GEDYS IntraWare 8 CRM on any of your mobile devices. Only an online connection to the Internet is required. Access is directly via your browser. GoMobile provides read and write access.

Do you need access to customer data even if there is no internet connection available and do you want to be able to edit records online on the go? Then goMobile Pro is the right solution for you. Gomobile Pro allows you to quickly and easily access your customer data via an app on your mobile device. Important data such as addresses are synchronized locally, in order to make them available offline. Gomobile Pro can be used both online (editing) and offline (read only) without neglecting company-critical aspects such as security, integration friendliness and costs.

Do you want to edit and change data on the go? Then Mobile is right for you. With GEDYS IntraWare 8 Mobile you can map and manage CRM data. This allows you to keep track of your desired data on the go and to view and edit them online as well as offline.

You need additional data for your external sales, sales and service team? Then Mobile Vario Vario is the right choice. With GEDYS IntraWare 8 Mobile Vario you can map, manage and edit any other data (e.g. machines, devices, persons, rooms, etc.) via an app. Very individual applications (e.g. inventory management) with any backend databases, are quickly and easily implemented according to your requirements.

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