Mobile applications

Easy. Mobile. Flexible.
Make your working day productive on business trips.

Today, mobile applications are more important than ever for all business and communication processes. Field staff need data for their daily work. They must be able to provide information, read, edit and create documents. And work actively together as a team with office staff, marketing and service. Don’t postpone a customer call to a later date. With our mobile applications you can always and everywhere provide information. With a 360° view in the electronic customer file. Process the necessary work steps quickly and easily after a customer visit. Or prepare the next customer appointment, conveniently on the move. With route planning and radius search. You save valuable time and you’ll be more productive than ever.

Get to know the goMobile Pro App

For all those who want to process CRM data on the road, we have built a top modern and user-friendly app. GoMobile Pro enables quick and convenient access to your customer data on your mobile device. The app can be used both online (editing) and offline (reading only), without neglecting business critical aspects such as security, integration friendliness and costs.

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Try now for free!

Just download the app and off you go! With the ready demo data you can test the app immediately as you need it in your daily work.

What possibilities does goMobile Pro offer?

Great is the power of habit. We want to find our way in new applications immediately, without having to work through the manual before. Long training sessions in new systems or applications are too time-consuming, therefore we have completely revised the layout of our goMobile Pro App:

It now offers not only a user-friendly design, but also many functions that make coordinating and working with customers easier. The start page can now be put together individually and offers an optimal overview at a glance. The menu, the functions, the layout: everything is where you expect it to be and does what you expect it to do. This enables intuitive operation.

You have the possibility to be always up to date, to be reminded of your appointments and to be able to contact customers quickly. The quick search lives up to its name: in a matter of seconds, the application searches the entire CRM database and delivers the desired results.

NEW: For incoming calls, goMobile Pro not only recognises numbers from your own telephone address book, but also searches all contact profiles from the GEDYS IntraWare 8 CRM at the same time and displays the corresponding information. This way, you know directly which of your customers is calling, so you can adjust optimally to the telephone call. The information can also be viewed for missed calls.

GEDYS IntraWare 8 goMobile Pro will inspire your sales force. Get all important information with just a few clicks: that saves time. And time is money. Bring your company forward with flexible system access from anywhere.

Assumed modules:

Contacts – Structured Address Management
Office – Electronic file for all business transactions
Sales – Sales solution from lead to order
Service – Professional customer service

Fast, comfortable, modern: Mobile working via app

  • everything important at a glance from on the way
  • Simple coordination processes
  • have everything you need on the way to the customer
  • quick decision-making options
  • Save time through permanent access
  • a 360° overview of all customer processes
  • always be up-to-date online and offline

Top Features

  • Create Companies & Contacts
  • Create phone notes & visit reports
  • Create projects
  • Create Service Documents
  • Edit calendar
  • Create sales opportunities
  • Create emails & store them in CRM
  • Search documents
  • Search function addresses (also offline)
  • Inform Function
  • Radius search
  • Create route plan
  • Fast entry/business card scanner etc.