Cloud CRM

Top Features

  • Address & Correspondence Management
  • Sales Information & Control
  • Marketing
  • E-mail Integration
  • MS Office Integration
  • Project File
  • Service Management
  • CRM on Smartphones & Tablets

Online CRM for all who want to start fast and don’t want to purchase additional IT resources. Everything should be simple. Therefore CRM2Host offers all of the functions for sales, marketing and service in one application in the cloud. CRM on any device – secure, mobile and adaptable.

Advantages of the Online CRM Service

  • Hosting based on the latest safety standards
  • Operation of the CRM cloud takes place in Germany or another desired country
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • Cheap launch thanks to CRM on Demand Model
  • Optional offline access
  • Flexible application for all industries

Online CRM: For Beginners and Profis

You want to manage your addresses better? Or bring marketing and sales back on track? Or service? Or everything at once? You have the choice: select the CRM2Host package that best suits your project. With CRM2Host you will recognize the needs of your customers and focus your sales, marketing and service activities specifically on them. Time to achieve maximum success, time to use CRM2Host!

Cutting-edge Technology:

With CRM2Host your data is a lot safer than on the computer at home, all thanks to modern technologies: RAID1, clustering and IBM Replication data security and professional administration.


Through multiple redundant connections individual failures of single providers can be intercepted. The server and the data are subject to permanent monitoring 24h/day, 7 days a week. By regular backups your data in the Cloud CRM is saved every night and every day and can be recovered quickly in an emergency.

Data Protection:

Your data is yours, and we make sur that:
Users without authentication cannot access your system. And the internal authorization concept determines which users can access what data.

Perfect cooperation:

CRM2Host is reliable and has high performance because powerful Internet backbones ensure the fastest possible data transfer.
Your team at various locations around the world can maintain  shared data, safely and at any time.

Cloud CRM

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Online CRM Customers say:

I opted for the CRM2Host Cloud Application, because it is extremely user-friendly, personalized and reliable.

Sven Pöggel, Head of Sales, IPMA GmbH


Online CRM:
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