SAP & E-Mail Integration
BusinessMail 4 SAP®

Top Features

  • Access SAP documents from the Mailbox
  • 1-Click Documentation for E-mails in SAP
  • Centralized access to data in SAP & CRM
  • Addon for MS Outlook / IBM Notes

SAP Mail Integration: the add-on BusinessMail 4 SAP® brings SAP to your mailbox. What is the benefit?
You can open all of the sender’s transactions in SAP with a single click from your mailbox. For example:matching addresses, contracts, bank statements, open deliveries and invoices, purchase orders and returns can be opened with a single click from your mailbox.

SAP & E-mail: Productivity Killer or Cost-Saver?

You use SAP and E-mail daily. But what about the processes? Are these perfectly connected? Or is your productivity only suboptimal and you’re upset about complicated  SAP handling?

SAP Mail Integration – why has Nobody thought of That yet?

When editing an E-mail you can save up to 100 clicks = 3 minutes with Business Mail 4 SAP®.
At 60 mails a day that is already 3 hours.

Small Add-on, huge Process Optimization...

Business Mail 4 SAP® is installed with a few clicks and unfolds its effect directly.
Whether in Sales, Marketing, Purchase, Complaints Management, Human Resources … it easily optimizes daily work in all areas. Process optimization has never been so easy as with SAP Mail Integration.

SAP Mail Integration

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