GEDYS Intraware 8 Workflow

Top Features

  • Wizard for Workflow Creation
  • Relationships / Representatives / Job Profiles
  • Graphical Visualization
  • Idle Times Monitoring & Escalation Mechanisms
  • Evaluations & Process Statistics
  • Mobile Workflows (Approval via Smartphone)

Workflow Management Software stops productivity killers which are everywhere when many people are involved. You want fast response times and low error rates? Then use Workflow for integrated processes and maximum automation.

Workflow Management Software connects Everything

This Workflow Management Software enables cross-application control of simple and complex business processes. Workflow thereby creates a new form of cooperation – between departments and across locations.

Workflows in the best Time

Whether information, review or approval – Workflow makes long and complicated tasks simple and short. Thereby invoices, requests and documents reach their destination in record time.

10 good reasons for this Workflow Management Software:

  • Hundreds of documents, requests and invoices are circulating in the company daily
  • Collection, checking and processing is carried out according to various criteria
  • High time and cost factor for processing
  • No streamlined document handling (copying, filing, searching, distributing)
  • No optimum distribution of roles, tasks, authorizations
  • Idle periods due to lack of automatic substitution process
  • High response times and error rates
  • Missing solution for automating the most important information, review and approval processes
  • Shorter product life cycles require shorter lead times
  • Waste of paper resources

Workflow Software