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Everyday work with a field service app

The Sales External Service reports

A daily report from the field: What exactly are the real benefits of a field service app in everyday life? A sales field service user talks about how he benefits from a mobile field service app during his workday.

A daily report from the field service

Once again, an important customer appointment was on the agenda. A large mechanical engineering company was looking for a new CRM system(What is a CRM system?) and had inquired with us. Before heading out, I took another look at my field service app (CRM app). As usual, I was well prepared, but in the meantime I have made it a ritual to read the last information about the customer again via the 360° view. I was especially helped by the phone note I made after the last phone call with the customer. I then quickly planned the route using the integrated route planner in the field service app and finally set off.

The appointment with the customer went so far great

I got off to a good start, because we had finally talked on the phone about our shared passion for football. The presentation was perfect and the customer was enthusiastic about our possibilities to implement his individual wishes.

I was just about to say goodbye when the customer surprised me by asking if he could possibly make a reference visit to a company in his industry. Usually no problem – but unfortunately I had not thought to prepare for this case. Fortunately, it didn’t matter. Nor that I had no Internet reception on site. With just a few clicks in the field service app (read more about the CRM app), I quickly had a reference customer from the area ready. We then agreed that I would see about scheduling a visit soon.

Advantages of a field service app
(CRM app):

  • 360° view of all customer data at all times
  • Dictate visit reports via voice control
  • Create emails & store them in CRM
  • Perimeter search & route planning
  • Read more CRM app features>>

After the customer visit

Luckily, I was able to record the visit report about voice recognition directly in the field service app directly in the car. Afterwards, i realized that a customer who has just put the new CRM system into operation is not far from here.

Through the perimeter search in the field service app, I quickly got clarity about this and after a short call, an appointment was made – route planner checked and set off.

The next customer

The next customer was very impressed by my spontaneous stipping visit and to my own delight also extremely satisfied with how the roll-out went so far. We discussed a few small concerns and made vague plans for the future.

Back in the car I saw in the CRM app that I had already received the mail from the reference customer. I forwarded the proposed dates directly to our new customer. While I was already on my way back to the office for an internal appointment, I quickly prepared another visit report. I informed the responsible colleague of the service about the entry in the corresponding service ticket and passed on the information I had received from the customer with the field service app.

Back in the office

Back in the office, the rest of the work was done quickly. So I checked the appointments tomorrow via the dashboard and said goodbye to the end of the day.

Employees in the field also need up-to-date information and contact data while on the move. You need to read, edit, and create documents to keep your workday productive while on the road.

Video: Mobile CRM app
Video: Mobile CRM app