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Category: GDPR

  • CRM hosting in Germany

    CRM hosting in Germany

    CRM Hosting in Germany: What is there to know about hosting? What do you need to consider when hosting your cloud CRM solution? And why is CRM hostingin Germany so important? Answers can be read here.

  • Data Governance Act

    Data Governance Act

    What is the Data Governance Act and what are the EU’s goals in creating a single European data market? You can read about this and what the bill means for the protection of personal data here.

  • GDPR in Customer Management

    GDPR in Customer Management

    At the beginning of 2019, about a third of the companies surveyed had not even started the changeover, and some others were uncertain to be GDPR compliant by the end of 2019. Why, actually? What needs to happen now?

  • Corporate Digital Responsibility

    Corporate Digital Responsibility

    Businesses and politicians recognize their responsibility for a digitized society. The discourse around the concept of Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) tries to find ways to meet new demands for conscientiousness.