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Release 8.11

Master your business day-to-day life more easily than ever before.

Easily turn strategic goals into operational goals in an end-to-end sales control process. Clean design and optimized navigation provide even more user-friendliness and overview. This will help you get to the point faster and increase the motivation of your employees.

When clean design meets optimized navigation, this results in more clarity and shorter distances to your destination. This is what our new design developed with UX specialists offers in release 8.11.

  • Faster navigation with simplified menu structures
  • Easier to search and find across all data
  • Better data processing with smart tab & favorite handling
  • Shorter work processes with action panel and day-at-a-glance
  • Easily visualize data sets through categorized representations

Watch the new interface in the release video Whats new (in German language).

Desktop mit neuem Design des Release 8.11 von GEDYS-IntraWare
Vertriebsdashboard im Release 8.11 von GEDYS-IntraWare

With an end-to-end process, GEDYS IntraWare CRM makes it easier than ever to control your sales.

  • Processes for products, industries or customers
  • all key figures in a single overview, including from external sources
  • Presentation of the process progress that motivates your employees
  • Planning for months, quarters or years up to employee level (top-down or button-up)

Directly from CRM, you can invite you to video conferencing via Jitsi or Microsoft Teams without any further effort.

Finding suitable group appointments will be so much easier:

  • transparent appointment overview directly from the Start menu
  • Save groups (e.B. project teams) and quickly find appointments
  • Send group invitations including automatic response processing
Videokonferenzen jetzt integriert im Release 8.11 von GEDYS-IntraWare
Routenplanung in CRM-App im Release 8.11 von GEDYS-IntraWare

Usability optimizations make it easy to access functions and documents quickly. This saves you an enormous amount of time:

  • View recent and frequently used actions
  • Timestamp function
  • Improved filtering capabilities and search list storage
  • Route planning for the entire day from the calendar widget
“GEDYS IntraWare CRM is crucial to achieving our sales goals.”

Ralph Zenker, Sales Manager, Franco Fresco GmbH & Co. KG

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