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The new low-code application: Domino Volt is here

With Domino Volt, HCL continues its commitment to transforming more than 10 million enterprise-class applications for more than 15,000 customers.

The mission continues with Domino Volt

“Domino Volt continues our mission of tirelessly innovating and modernizing Domino’s applications, which operate the business of more than 15,000 customers worldwide. With this release, we enable business users closest to day-to-day processes and problems to develop their own applications that not only solve their challenges but also align with their business processes and workflows,”
Darren Oberst, CVP and head of HCL Software.
“From departmental to mission-critical applications, we want to extend the value of Domino to all employees in the company.”

Domino Volt expands Domino’s product portfolio with low-code features

Traditional application developments are time-consuming, expensive to create, and heavily dependent on IT developers and resources. Domino Volt gives business users and IT staff more performance. This creates new enterprise applications at lightning speed to respond suitable to challenges and market requirements.

Domino Volt creates applications 70 faster.

Users can create web applications in minutes using forms, views, and workflows, even from a spreadsheet. More tech-savvy developers can build applications up to 70 faster and efficiently extend them with integrations, customized CSS, JavaScript, and REST APIs.

Thus, these applications are native Domino applications; Customers can use it to deploy, manage, and extend the capabilities of their applications. And also on mobile devices.

Domino Volt is operated by Domino.

Domino has always been a leader in application development, business transformation, and automation. The new low-code application builds on Domino. With enhanced scalability and enterprise-quality functionality with built-in stability and security.

Experience increased productivity and enjoy the same low total cost of ownership that the proven and proven Domino platform already offers.

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