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HCL Connections Roadmap

What is the future of HCL Connections and what is the HCL Connections development team working on?

HCL clearly sees Connections as an essential cornerstone in the newly created HCL software area. And this with conscious investments in the next few years. In relation to Microsoft, HCL relies on a multi-value-creating coexistence.

What is the HCL Connections development team working on?

HCL Connections Roadmap


Integration of the most important services assets sold separately, which bring both new user and admin functions as well as advanced integrations in the HCL Connections. (Fixed part of maintenance)


Expanding the dashboard function makes HCL Connections an attractive home start of everyday work. Calendars and emails should also be integrated into it.

More highlights for HCL Connections

  • Recording events from any system
  • KI-supported priority control
  • Integrating the Office 365 platform

Which integrations of the Office 365 platform into HCL Connections make sense?

For this purpose, HCL Connections collects ideas and wishes among

HCL did not have access to the Connections Code until the sale was complete. However, he has also hired developers for HCL Connections – also with us in Germany. André Hagemeier takes over the development management. Read more about HCL Connections at HCL

Further planning for HCL Connections

This quarter there will be another feature pack (CR6) for HCL Connections.
In the last quarter of the year, the first official HCL version will be released as HCL Connections 6.5.

HCL Connections at the Social Connections 15 Conference on September 16-17 in Munich

See for yourself HCL Connections at the conference: Social Connections 15
On September 16-17 in
On September 18, two workshops on the topics “Connections Mobile App” and “Connections Integration Scenarios” will take place. More on that in the next few days. Read the agenda

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