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HCL Domino 14 Ugrade: Support for IBM Domino and Notes V9.x and V10.x ends on June 2, 2025

Minimize your cyber security risks by upgrading to HCL Domino 14

Are you still using IBM Domino and IBM Notes v9.x or v10.x?

Since IBM Domino v10, HCL Software has released 122 new security updates that address known vulnerabilities and improve the overall security of your Domino environment. Updating with an HCL Domino 14 upgrade is the safest and fastest way to reduce your exposure to these threats.

Not only can you minimize your data security risk, but you also get access to the latest Domino features, with over 2,400 new features added since Domino v10.

HCL Domino 14 Upgrade

However, if you need to work with IBM Domino and IBM Notes v9.x and v10.x for a little longer, HCL offers extended support that is only valid until June 2, 2025 – with no further extensions. We strongly recommend an immediate HCL Domino 14 upgrade.

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