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HCL Domino Donau comes next

This year’s Engage was all about “What’s NEXT!” for Domino and Sametime

Engage was impressive because of the participants, but also because of the information presented by Richard Jefts, Senior Vice President of Development and General Manager, and his staff at HCL Software. “NEXT” was the theme of the event, and that’s what the presentations focused on.

The next release: HCL Domino Donau

The HCL Domino Donau version will be released in Q4 2022 and reflects the high investment in Domino for the next years.

New styling for Domino applications with “Project Restyle

With “Project Restyle” comes a set of new design options (colors and themes) to style the views, frames, pages, action bars, embedded outlines and framesets. The code that controls the logic of the applications remains untouched.


The HCL Domino REST API (also known as Project Keep) provides secure REST API access to HCL Domino servers and databases for professional code development. This makes Domino development available to a wide audience – without sacrificing the rapid software development for which Domino’s programming language and framework are legendary.

More about the “Donau” version to come in the coming months.

What’s next for Sametime Premium?

  • Extensive data protection and privacy through predefined meeting modes Teamwork, Confidential, and Lecture, as well as new member management features.
  • Branding, personalization, and powerful meeting reporting enhance meeting experiences.
  • Administrators can get up and running faster and with lower TCO with a fully containerized deployment on-premises or in a private cloud.

The Next Step for Multi-Experience Application Development with Domino: Introducing Volt MX Go

Volt MX Go combines the power of the low-code Volt MX platform with Domino. The goal is to transform Domino applications into exceptional mobile, web and wearable experiences.

The report by Bernd Gewehr of Vössing impressively showed how the Domino-based field service applications of the German machine manufacturer were enhanced with Volt MX Go. The resulting new mobile application extends the existing features of the Domino application to include photo capture and annotation of the devices being tested. Essential information, such as location and cardinal direction / orientation information, is automatically pulled from the metadata.

What happens after the Engage? Stay informed via our HCL blog.

If you have any questions, please contact our specialists in the HCL Notes Domino Service Team!