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HCL Factory Tour Episode 3

News about HCL Notes Domino on the HCL Factory Tour.

HCL Factory Tour Episode 3 in the lab in Chelmsford, Massachusetts

This time, HCL has been loaded into the laboratory in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, and has shown many things:

  • HCL Connections Roadmap (More about HCL Connections)
  • a new cloud story
  • Leap for Low Code Developers
  • new clients for the Domino family including Sametime
  • Digital Experience as a portal of the company in a new version

All this was presented at the HCL Factory Tour Episode 3 and was widely shown live, albeit in early versions.

Delivery is planned for quarter 4.

What is an HCL Factory Tour?

With the HCL Factory Tour, HCL placed a new conference format with very intensive contact with the product developers. That’s why the HCL Factory Tour took place in the HCL lab in Chelmsford, around the workplaces of some of the developers and the offering management. The given rooms limited the format to about 150 participants. Learn more about HCL Software